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IG Webs is a Huntsville Web design firm in Alabama known for super client care, which is why you should choose IG Webs if you want personal attention, impeccable designs, attention to details, lower rates and dedication to you. We can respond to you quickly. Client care and service is our top priority and we’re small enough to do just that, yet big enough to meet all your demands. And we do not charge to optimize your pages for search engines, we design it in. See what they say about us.

Interested to know how we go about the design of your website? Here’s how. Need more information? Check our FAQ page.

At IG Webs, success means a website is presenting the client’s ideas in an interesting and effective manner to help his business. If your website looks un-professional, so will your reputation and company.

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You can give us a video testimonial or perhaps a video of the day it snowed over a foot in your area! Anything really, and we will use it on our website or our social media pages. We’ll have to approve the video for content, of course!

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Our Design Process

Web design is a complex process if its done right. Its not as simple as a lot of designers think. Our 7 step process takes very important factors into consideration. We don’t think the design of your website should be a hap hazard collection of images and copy, because we want your website to achieve its objective and produce the end results you are expecting. Watch the video…

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Our renowned services defines client care at its best. We strive not only to fully satisfy you but we go one step further by responding to your modifications quickly so you don’t have to wait for weeks to see them. After all, weeks could be the difference between a successful sales event

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Web Design

When it comes to web design we run the gamete from dynamic websites to Flash. By using the latest technologies, we insure your website design takes advantage of new browsers to grab your visitor’s attention and keep them there. Be it WordPress CMS,

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Graphic Design

From simple ads to complex catalogs and all in between:

  • Logo Design
  • Brochures & Catalog Design
  • Print and Internet Ads

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e-Commerce Design

We use our own shopping cart to give you the best but we can use your cart if you are using one already. PayPal and Google are also very popular and if you are on a limited budget, those are the ones we recommend.

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Search Engine Optimization


Yes…We do that too!

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Keys To An Effective Small Business Website

Running a small business can be incredibly rewarding but it’s also a very challenging task. It’s always been difficult to find a profitable niche in the business world but now that we are become more globalized thanks to the internet you need to do even more to keep ahead of the competition. Having a website is essential today but if you are serious about succeeding you need to go the extra mile and create a website that will help you reach your goals. In this article we will go beyond the basics of website creation and look at tips that you need to hear as a small business owner. Make A Personal Connection Why do people go with small businesses in a world that is run by big corporations? There are a number of answers to this questions but one of the most attractive things about smaller businesses is the human touch. People like to do business with companies that feel more personal, where they can put a face to the people they’re trusting with their money. You can make your site more personal by including things like the story of your company, pictures of you and your staff and videos where you show off your expertise while letting visitors see who you are. You don’t have to go overboard and give them your life story or your personal life but simply adding in little human touches can go a long ways towards building trust. Keep Your Website Updated Too many people create a website and forget about it, imagining that they’ve made a website that doesn’t need to... read more

WordPress Keeps Protecting Users With 4.2.3 Update

The internet is always changing and so should any quality website platform. WordPress is one of the most secure platforms available but to keep it secure it needs to be updated from time to time, which is just what happened recently when the WordPress team launched their 4.2.3 update.   In this article we will look at what the latest change did and how you can update your site, if it hasn’t already been updated automatically.   What’s In The Update   The main change in the new update is a change to the code that closes a loophole that was recently discovered. The loophole specifically related to what are known as HTML shortcodes, used in website programming to simplify coding and speed up processing. This security vulnerability has now been closed in the latest versions but it could still be used by hackers to break into and use outdated exposed sites in malicious ways. While threats like this will only ever affect a small minority of exposed sites every website owner should still do what they can to protect their site. Beyond this main update version 4.2.3 also includes dozens of smaller changes that are designed to help move WordPress forward. If you would like to see an in-depth list of changes you can read one on the official WordPress site.   Updating Your Site   The thought of updating your site may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be with WordPress. If your site was created or updated recently then it should be set up to automatically update when it comes to security updates, in which... read more

WordPress, Prepae Your Posts Ahead of Time

Time may be our most important resource but it’s also one of the easiest to waste. Managing how you use your time and energy properly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your website succeeds. Plenty of sites with great ideas and great concepts have failed because their creators couldn’t find the time to actually keep them running. If you would like to get the most out of your time you should consider preparing posts ahead of time and learning how WordPress can automatically publish them when you want it to. This skill will free you up to worker smarter and make the most out of every precious hour of your life. Why You Should Prepare Ahead Of Time The internet can be a hungry beast, hungry for a constant stream of new content. That’s why the most popular sites tend to update very regularly in an attempt to keep visitors coming back as often as possible. This strategy isn’t necessary for every kind of site, some may only need weekly or monthly updates rather than daily or hourly posts. But no matter how often you plan on posting regularity is important. Slow and steady wins the race, fast and steady does just fine too. The key is being steady, regularly uploading content to keep visitors coming back and to prove to them that you’re still in business. The problem is that most new bloggers start out with a burst of energy and quickly burn out. They might update their website two times a day the first week, once a day the second week... read more
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