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IG Webs is a Huntsville Web design firm known for super client care, which is why you should choose IG Webs if you want personal attention, impeccable designs, attention to details, lower rates and dedication to you. We can respond to you quickly. Client care and service is our top priority and we’re small enough to do just that, yet big enough to meet all your demands. And we do not charge to optimize your pages for search engines, we design it in. See what they say about us.

Interested to know how we go about your website design? Here’s how. Need more information? Check our FAQ page.

At IG Webs, success means a website is presenting the client’s ideas in an interesting and effective manner to help his business. If your website looks un-professional, so will your reputation and company.

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You can give us a video testimonial or perhaps a video of the day it snowed over a foot in your area! Anything really, and we will use it on our website or our social media pages. We’ll have to approve the video for content, of course!
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Our Design Process

Web design is a complex process if its done right. Its not as simple as a lot of designers think. Our 7 step process takes very important factors into consideration. We don’t think the design of your website should be a hap hazard collection of images and copy, because we want your website to achieve its objective and produce the end results you are expecting. Watch the video…

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Our renowned services defines client care at its best. We strive not only to fully satisfy you but we go one step further by responding to your modifications quickly so you don’t have to wait for weeks to see them. After all, weeks could be the difference between a successful sales event

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Web Design

When it comes to web design we run the gamete from dynamic websites to Flash. By using the latest technologies, we insure your website design takes advantage of new browsers to grab your visitor’s attention and keep them there. Be it WordPress CMS,

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Graphic Design

From simple ads to complex catalogs and all in between:

  • Logo Design
  • Brochures & Catalog Design
  • Print and Internet Ads

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e-Commerce Design

We use our own shopping cart to give you the best but we can use your cart if you are using one already. PayPal and Google are also very popular and if you are on a limited budget, those are the ones we recommend.

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Search Engine Optimization


Yes…We do that too!

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