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IG Webs, a Huntsville web design serving North Alabama for 14 years is now a nationally known web design, web development, SEO and marketing firm. We provide:

For start-ups to medium large businesses all across the nation. We design each website page optimized for SEO from the get go, not an afterthought. At IG Webs, success means a website is presenting the client’s business and ideas in an interesting and effective manner to help grow his business and that’s why the success of your business is our business.

Most Recent Web Designs

Website Services

Custom Web Design

When it comes to website design we run the gamete from dynamic websites to e-commerce. Read More


We have learned that colorful creative content can change Read More

Local Marketing

Easily manage your listings on over 70 sites including Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo. Check Your website

Development Process

Design is a complex process if it’s done right. Read More

SEO Content Writing

Content written for people and optimized for Search Engines Read More

Graphic Design

From simple ads to complex catalogs and all in between Read More

e-Commerce Design

We use our own shopping cart but PayPal and Google are also very popular. Read More

Creative Videos

There is a good reason why YouTube is the second Read More

What Our Clients Say

Chris Kidd

Our Huntsville Client Says:

“Our website was hard to work with for updating and making changes. We asked IG Webs to help us a re-design.  … ”

Read More

Adam Balawender

Our Chicago Client Says:

“All You Can Ask For – Incredible knowledge, great customer service, phenomenal job! I had been looking for a web …”

Read More

Brad Kooiman

Our Dallas, TX Client Says:

“Nothing short of a great experience using IG Webs for my website. from the beginning to the end they were there at every   … ”

Read More

Responsive, Search Engine Optimized Pages

Responsive Mobile Friendly

From iPhone to iPad to Desktop Your site everywhere

Search Engine Optimized Pages

So you are on your way to be found Sooner than Later

Social Media Integration

Automatically broadcast your posts, articles or news to your social media pages

Recent Help Articles

The Most Important Factors For Your Website

  When it comes to your Huntsville web design, you need to consider a lot of things prior to setting your website to go live. You want to make sure every aspect of it is as perfect as possible. That way, you get the results you wanted, as do each of your customers....

The Most Overlooked Factors of SEO

There are many different factors that affect the SEO of your website. We have discussed these often times, and they are all incredibly important. However, there are some factors that get overlooked, especially in today’s day and age. You need to know how your website...

Broken Link Building

With social media platforms making it increasingly difficult to get traffic without paying, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly important for your website. If you’re totally unfamiliar, SEO is the process of making your website as “appealing”...

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