The efforts that you put towards testing and tweaking your web pages in order to get a higher percentage of visitors to commit themselves is what’s popularly known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO should be the most important part of any web marketer’s repertoire.Here is another good read for CRO.
  1. Use Test + Target or Google Website Optimizer and discover the audience-based maximum CRO version of your graphic, copy, headline, video or whole pages.
  2. Use web analytics to segment different groups of visitors and design unique landing pages based on their preferences. This is a great way to maximize your returns.
  3. Provide the answers visitors need in the first 15-20 seconds of landing on your site, such as where they are, what they need, and what they should do next.
  4. Match the key terms in your CTA in all the pages in your acquisition channel. The key terms should match and the message should remain consistent.
  5. Match your landing page headlines with the headlines in your PPC Ads, so that your visitor knows he’s at the right place.
  6. When your visitor clicks your CTA, provide a Point-of-Action assurance statement that vibes with the scenario, and bolsters customer confidence. Examples: We offer 30-day return policy or You can exchange your purchase later.
  7. Only use strong offers. A truly compelling offer that tempts visitors to buy is what is needed. Make sure your offer and cop sell product benefits, not features
  8. Optimize all your top entry pages, landing pages and other prominent acquisition channels first. Work on your inner pages and links later.
  9. Test the entire process from a customer’s point to view. Purchase something from your own site, check speeds, online support, delivery success rates and so on.
  10. Recommend products and services based on anticipated reorders or your customer’s historical preferences. Good upsell strategies ensure greater CRO.
  11. Test the self-help you have on your site such as FAQs, docs, video tutorials, public service messaging and so on. Make sure they’re easy to access, read or watch and download fast.
  12. Search for your website using various terms and enhance your keyword optimization. On your website, search for internal pages as well, to know what people look for.
  13. Every now and then, rotate the placement of your value proposition copy with offer banners with static images and test CRO.
  14. Keep the promotions on the lower side; too many and your customer might hold off. Use promotions only to create a sense of urgency.
  15. Gather testimonials and affiliations. Link them from your landing pages, with a couple of testimonials on the landing page for immediate review. Live up to the hype though.
  16. Establish trust with a Contact Us page with your phone number, clear privacy policy, a physical address plus map location, security certificates, marks of trust and SLAs.
  17. Optimize your site based on existing customer data in your CRM. Assign value to your efforts, in actual dollar terms; this makes CRO validation more realistic.
  18. Attract your visitors through a combination of on-target copy, graphics and product video. Be sure to test your video loading times.
  19. Test Call-to-Action message and buttons on the left and right side of your web page. Which side sees a greater CRO rate?
  20. Your landing pages should boldly display your top 3 value propositions. These can be a great offer, unique USP of your product, a unique returns or exchange policy and so on.
  21. Make your landing pages very specific. Test CRO by directing directly to product page instead of your category pages if possible. Eliminate too many steps and links.
  22. Provide larger product images on your product category pages so customer knows exactly what he or she is buying.
  23. Reduce product options; for example, offer only 2-3 variants instead of a dozen. This speeds up the decision-making process.
  24. Provide enhanced text quality with high contrast text on a clear white background. Avoid reverse backgrounds, even in small doses.
  25. Shorten your privacy policy to a few important points to reduce customer anxiety, save time and increase your CRO. Provide a link to the longer version. Avoid opening the policy on a new page.
  26. Embed lead generation forms in your landing page and in a popup. Test both scenarios for max CRO.
  27. Move optional form fields to your Thank You page; include an incentive for filling them out. Don’t bother customer with too many form fields before the purchase.
  28. Include action captions to your product images and a CTA link. If a customer clicks an image, it should take him directly to product purchase or more info.
  29. Make it easy for your customer to filter your product categories. Limit the number of categories to expedite quick purchase.
  30. Change the number of columns in your landing page and test the CRO for each.  What works for you, two or three columns?   Remove the navigation bar and test again.