future of web designWeb design changes on a daily basis. There are new aspects regularly being added to web design that were mere thoughts just a few years ago. SEO also changes regularly, with new updates of search algorithm sometimes as often as every week or two. As web design advances, a few things are going to have to change with how websites are created and used. If you want a website that is going to last into the future, you may need to consider some of these options as they become available.

Gestures Could Replace Swipes and Clicks

As recently as just a few years ago, people had to maneuver websites by scrolling with the bar at the side of a website. Then, scrolling with the mouse became the norm, and now with mobile being the way most people access websites, the thumb scroll has become what nearly everyone does. In the future, you are going to need to take that one step further. Thanks to the advancements of what most mobile devices can see about you when you use your phone, you are going to need to include the ability to read gestures in your responsive websites. A reader looking up or down is all your website should need to bring a new part of the screen into focus.

The Fold Will Officially Disappear

The trend for this has already started. More and more often, you see websites with little or no information on the page aside from the title of the website and an image, until you start to scroll down. Web designers are taking back the web page. Don’t feel the need to cram every single bit of information on to the home page of your website. Take the time to space it out so that it is easier for people to navigate and click on the parts of your page that they are specifically looking for. That is, of course, until the gesture takes over the swipe and click!

Speed Will Need to Be Further Increased

With websites of the future, your website is going to need to load almost instantly. As of right now, if a website goes into the 4-5 second load time, you are already losing a good chunk of your visitors. In the future, you are going to need a website that loads in 1-2 seconds. This way, you can keep the people who came to your website in search of something, on your website. Keep your content and images simple, and keep the maneuverability of your website something that no one is going to be able to mistake. The simpler the better is what the future holds.

Your Visitors Want to See Something Eye-Catching

Years ago, everyone wanted to add animations and videos to their website because it was all the rage. Then, because it slowed websites down, it stopped being used again. As animation and video formats are getting smaller and easier to embed, the rise of the animated web pages is going to come back, with a vengeance. Putting some animation into your website is going to catch the eye of your visitors, so make sure that it is interesting and that it is going to help people trust you and your product.

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