5 Branding Strategies We can Learn from these Famous Brands

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What makes one brand surge in popularity while others lag behind? If you’re just setting up a business or planning a branding campaign, you must implement the right strategies to set yourself up for success. What does it take in today’s market?


Branding calls for creativity but do yourself a favor and learn from others who’ve done it before. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, because the famous companies clearly show what works to become the preferred brands. Start with these five tips to increase your chances of expanding your market share.


Amazon: The Correct Logo is Non-negotiable

Set aside enough time to work on your brand’s logo, because it’s the image that everyone will associate with you. It should:

  • Send the right message even if no other words or context accompany it
  • Catch attention
  • Be practical to use almost anywhere


With Amazon, the color orange tends to draw people’s eyes toward it. With the arrow looking like a smile, it communicates customer satisfaction. Also, from A to Z, Amazon can help you with anything!

The font is clear and easily readable and its simplicity empowers the company to use it on different surfaces without the image distorting. All of that in one image!


A lot of planning went into this logo but don’t get discouraged about yours. Thanks to helpful online tools you can compile a dynamic image without breaking the bank. You can use a logo maker for restaurants, professional services, NPOs, retail outlets and more. You’ll have quality images to pick from and then customize it to make it work for you as much as Amazon’s arrow works to their benefit.


IKEA: Focus on the User Experience

If you haven’t been inside one, you don’t immediately associate IKEA with user experience, do you? After all, it’s just a furniture store. Or is it?


IKEA understands the importance of not only creating quality products but quality experiences. They incorporate restaurants into their stores to ensure a more enjoyable experience for the entire family. This prompts people to browse longer and the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere is why certain customers choose IKEA above other furniture stores.


The goal of branding is to turn a one-time visitor into a loyal return customer. If you ensure a positive user experience, your clients may happily come again and pick you above a competitor who didn’t impress.


Remember, user experience relates to many aspects of your business. Here are simply a few examples of what you can improve:

  • The layout of your company’s app to make it more intuitive
  • Customer care in terms of friendliness and providing correct information
  • Easily finding items in your retail outlet
  • Getting quick replies to online queries or complaints
  • An FAQ section on your website so customers don’t even have to call to get answers


Coke: Use Your Audience to Your Benefit

Marketing is important but you can’t allow it to take up all your time and resources. If you’re smart like Coke’s marketing department, you’ll utilize the resource of your existing community to market on your behalf.


Coke’s example of this was the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign that prompted people to share the product, whether in person or online. The stats of how it affected consumption as well as online sharing about the brand is staggering.


In practice, you can try the following in your community:

  • Discount if someone brings a friend to your restaurant
  • A free item when sharing online about a new product
  • Special rates for group bookings


GoDaddy: Word of Mouth Still Works Best

Another way to harness the power of the community to market your brand on your behalf is simple word of mouth. If you give people something to talk about, they’re sure to tell their friends because people are always excited about a good story.


GoDaddy is the expert in this field, thanks to their controversial ads they often share. Even though some may be shocked by the content, the goal with this approach is to get your brand known. And people do love talking about something that shocked them!


You can get more creative with your ads too. Alternatively, make it known that you’re involved in community projects that touch people’s hearts and urge them to spread some good news. There are many ways to get people buzzing about your brand.


Apple: Stay Consistent

You can’t talk about branding without discussing Apple. From this brand you can be sure to get a consistent message and the same values across decades. For example, product quality and innovation will always be synonymous with them.


Staying consistent breeds trust in your brand and that makes people comfortable to stay loyal. In future, focus on aligning all you do with the values you want associated with your brand.



Give your business an edge over the competition with better branding. Branding requires strategy but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you learn from the best. Take the time to incorporate these tips into your campaigns and you’ll see the returns.


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