5 Website Design Tips for Automotive Repair Shops

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Focusing on the design of a website is important. An attractive website design that is responsive and free of errors will result in a positive impression on online users. It will lead to improved search engine traffic.

Here are some expert Huntsville website design tips for automotive repair shops. Following the tips mentioned here will help you generate new customer leads using the website.

1. Responsive Website Design

A responsive website design is important for any online business. A responsive website design is all about designing websites that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices.

A website that is responsive will adjust according to the size of the screen. For instance, a person viewing the website on a desktop will be presented with a horizontally aligned navigation menu. In contrast, a person viewing the same website on a mobile screen will see vertically aligned menu with text size that is easier to see on smaller screens.

People used to access website using desktop devices. But the advancement in mobile internet technologies allowed them to connect to the net using mobile devices. Today people can access websites using smartphone screens that are generally 6-inch in size. Some access the net using tablets with 7 to 12 inch screens.

Google has stated that online businesses need to create a responsive website. It is important to make sure that your website displays the best on all types of devices. Marketing statistics also show that responsive websites lead to improved website traffic, positive customer impression, and repeat customers.

2. Mobile Friendly Content

An offshoot of responsive website design is creating mobile friendly content. The content of the website including images, videos, menus, and others must look good on small mobile screens.

Google has placed importance on mobile friendly content with the release of an algorithm update in 2015 that experts dubbed as Mobilegeddon. Google made the announcement that mobile friendly website is now a significant ranking signal. In other words, mobile friendliness was considered a main ranking factor.

Websites should adjust automatically based on the screen size. Moreover, websites should also have navigation features that are compatible with mobile devices. For instance, mobile device allow users to swipe their fingers up and down to scroll the pages. They can also swipe fingers in opposite direction to zoom-in on the screen.

Smartphones also have feature of clicking on a phone number to auto dial or copy it. A responsive site should be able to use all the features of the mobile devices. It should respond to the user action performing the specified operation on the mobile devices.

Mobile friendly websites appear higher on search engine results page. Optimizing your site for mobile screens will result in more leads and sales.

3. Designing Web Pages

You can design any number of web pages. But your homepage should get especial attention since people land first on this page when clicking on your site.

A home page won’t have to be fancy. But it must be engaging and well designed. You must show the image of your garage or team at the front page. This will create a personal connection with the online users.

You should also include a clear call-to-action button on the home screen with a message such as “Contact us Today to Get a Rebate” or “Call Us for a Free Inspection”.  Make sure that you include your  phone number and email with the call-to-action button.

Another important page for an automotive repair shop is the About Page. Include company background information in this page. You should also include the Vision, Mission, and Values on this page as it will create a good customer impression.

4. Professional Design

The look and feel of your website should be professional. An amateur website design may save you money. But you will end up loose online customers due to poor website design and frustrating navigation.

The look and design of the website is reflection of how users view your company. Hiring a professional Huntsville website designer will be worth it. An attractive landing page, fluid navigation, and responsive website design will play a huge role in converting online users to customers.

Your website should showcase your facility. It should give an insight about the experienced team members of the automotive repair shop. This will help build trust with online users. A professional design with neat design and engaging content will encourage prospective customers to contact your company.

5. Professional Logo Design

If you haven’t design a logo for your automotive repair shop, it is time that you create one for your company. Logo plays an important role creating a unique brand image. People tend to associate your company with the logo. In other words, the logo will represent professionalism, trust, and customer friendly services of your company.

Make sure that the logo is displayed prominently in every web page. The same logo should also be displayed in your marketing materials.

The benefit of branding is that it will create a positive mental image about your company. A logo connects your professional services with the image people will have about your company. But it is important that the logo is professional designed with the right font type, size, and color.

Final Remarks

Your website can serve as the foundation of your automotive repair shop. A professional website will attract visitors. In contrast, a poorly designed website will turn them away from your company.

Make sure that the design is professional and the content engaging. Consider adding videos, images, and blogs regarding maintenance and repairs of vehicles. The more professional and free advice you give on your website, the more frequently people will visit your page.

Your website can drive your digital marketing campaign. You can sign up your website on Google My Business and Facebook business pages to expand the visibility of your services. But a successful marketing campaign begins with a professional designed website.

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