6 SEO Tips to Create High Ranking Content

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Content is one of the most important metrics that requires attention for search engine ranking. Crafting long content is a proven technique for higher ranking in search engines.

High-ranking content will generate traffic to your website. But creating content that ranks high in search engines requires planning. In this post, we will share some tips for optimizing content that actually ranks in search engines.

1. Keyword Search

Content writing should start with detailed keyword research. One should look for keywords that match the terms online users are searching for the most. Moreover, it is important to find out how competitive the keyword is.

One and two-term keywords such as best watches, shoes, and affordable clothes generally have high competition. This means that it will take a lot of time to get to the top of the search engine results pages. You must select long-tail keywords that consist of three or more words.

For instance, if you are selling flowers, it is better to use the best flowers for wedding or beautiful flowers for birthdays. Long-tail keywords generally have lower competition making it easier to allow you to rank the content higher on the search engine result pages.

Google Keyword Planner and WordStream are two of the best tools you can use for keyword research. The tools display both impression and competition of keywords. You can use the keyword planner to search for specific long-tail keywords with high monthly search frequency. The tool also displays the competition for each keyword.

You can borrow keyword ideas from your competitors. Look for keywords used by your top-ranked competitors. SEMRush is a great tool that lets you discover keywords used by competitors. The tool will automatically extract keywords used by your competitors and display them in the form of a report.

A great keyword research strategy is to search for LSI keywords. LSI is an abbreviation for Latent Semantic Index. It is a technique used by search engines to find out relevant keywords to the ones typed in the search box. To avoid getting into technical details, LSI keywords can be simply considered as synonyms. You can use online tools such as LSI Keyword Generator or even a thesaurus to find related keywords.

2. Optimize the Content

You must select one or two keywords for each of your posts. The keywords should be included in the heading, content, and meta tags. Moreover, you should include the keyword in the image alt tags of the post’s featured image.

Various plugins such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math Plugin check your post content to ensure that it is optimized for selected keywords. The plugins will recommend how to optimize your content for specific keywords.

3. Create a Content Checklist

Creating a content checklist will help in your content optimization strategy. You can create a spreadsheet for each blog containing the following headings for content strategy.

  • Target Keywords
  • Keyword difficulty level
  • Keyword search volume
  • Suggested titles
  • External and internal linking opportunities
  • Important Topics
  • Word length
  • Call to action

You must create a content sheet for different personas. Find out what information the potential customer would like in the spreadsheet. You should also include goals and key performance indicators for each post. The content checklist will guide you in creating information-rich content that attracts large online traffic resulting in improved rankings.

4. Capture Attention through Compelling Headlines

Headlines allow you to attract the attention of the online audience. It is the first thing that individuals look at when they see your post in the search engines. Your task is to compel the online audience to click on your post rather than any other.

To create compelling headlines, you should use action words that evoke an image of a person doing something. Verbs are the best action words. You should use them in your headline to make the online audience click on your post.

5. Create Long Content

Long content has proven to rank more easily than short content. One online agency found that online content that received the most shares was on average 2500 words. Digital marketing experts recommend that the word count of online content should be between 2250 and 2500.

Longer posts allow you to rank high for more keywords. This will result in more traffic to your site that will have a positive impact on the search engine ranking.

6. Find Potential Topics on Quora

Quora is one of the most popular question-answer websites. People ask questions that are answered by others. You can find potential topics by searching for keywords on Quora.

For instance, suppose you want to write a blog on shoes. You should type “shoes site:quora.com” in the search box.

Quora searches

Search engines will display different topics related to the keywords on the Quora website. This is an effective way to discover questions your potential customers may have regarding your product or services. You can learn about the pain points and concerns of customers related to similar product as yours.

Your post topic must address questions that people are asking online. It will allow you to create content on topics that has the potential to attract lots of traffic, resulting in a high ranking on the search result pages.


Creating content that ranks high on search engines requires some effort and time. You should follow the expert tips mentioned in this post to improve the ranking of your content, and in turn your website.

Remember to create content for your online audience. Your content strategy should revolve around satisfying the needs of potential customers. Search engines now focus more on customer experience. The latest algorithms have put emphasis on quality, information-rich content. They rank content high that presents information in the best manner for online audiences.

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