9 Website Design Ideas for Online Courses

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The design of a website will make or break your business. You can have the best educational courses, but if the website is not optimized for optimum user experience, you will not be able to convert online visitors to students.

A website needs to have the right design elements to convert. The following tips will help you create the best online education website that generates income for you.

1. Provide Courses Overview,

You must give an overview of the online courses to your potential students. Most people want to see how they will benefit from taking the course. You should not just promise that the courses are useful. You must let online users see for themselves how your courses will benefit them.

Display a full syllabus that shows what the students can learn from taking a course. Let the students know about the key learning points of each course. You need to give a teaser of the courses that will increase users’ interest. Users are more likely to subscribe to the courses if they see a sample that shows what they will gain from taking the course.

2. Focus on Responsive Design,

Another important consideration for an online education website is responsiveness. Your website should display properly on all devices. Whether users are accessing your site using a mobile device, laptop, desktop PC, or even a car infotainment system, you need to optimize your site for different platforms.

Professional website designers can create a web page that will adjust automatically depending on the size of the screen. For mobile users, the text should be easily readable. Online users should not have to zoom or squint at the screen to read the content.

Remember, the majority of people today use mobile devices to browse the net. Over 55 percent of people today access websites through mobile devices. So, you no longer can ignore optimizing your website for mobile devices.

You must make sure that the text, images, and videos appear the best on different platforms. The effort in making a mobile responsive design will pay back in terms of not just positive user experience but also improved visibility of your online education website.

Google Mobilegeddon is a Google search engine algorithm update released in 2015 that made mobile friendly websites an important ranking signal.

3. Create a Feedback Form,

Creating a feedback system is also recommended for your online education website. Note that there is always room for improvement. You must always be looking for ways to improve the user experience so that more people sign up for your website.

Designing a feedback system will allow you to improve your website based on the suggestions of the students. This will help in making more people satisfied with the services.

You should allow both positive and negative feedback from the students. Getting feedback will lead to improving customer satisfaction as you can design the website with improved UI.

4. Give Your Company a Face,

Most online educational websites seem to be faceless robots with little to no effort to connect with the students. You need to use technology to give a more personal touch to your online education website.

One example is creating a virtual tour of the office where you create online courses. You can use a free tool such as klapty.com for creating a virtual tour.

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5. Attract Students with Gift Items,

Everyone likes gifts. You can attract a large number of online users to your website by offering something for free when users sign up for a course.

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be any cheap item that students will likely find useful.

Consider giving them a printed calendar, pen, notebook, and other items that will be useful for the students. You can also give them a free eBook on a topic that will be helpful for them.

6. Make your Courses Interactive,

You should consider making your online courses interactive to attract more students. One recommendation is to ‘gamify’ the online user experience. You should consider adding simple role-playing games that test the knowledge of students on different topics.

Moreover, you can create educational games for the students that allow them to take on a virtual persona.

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Another important tip to make your website interactive is to add lots of images and videos regarding the topic. Consider making videos regarding different topics. Making your online courses interactive will greatly increase the chance that a large number of people will take the online course.

7. Social Media Integration,

Social media has become an important aspect of life for most people. It provides an avenue for people to connect with others. You should consider integrating popular social media sites into your online education website.

Consider creating an official account on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn websites. You should add the links to the website so that online users can click on the link to visit the social media pages.

Make sure that the official social media page is regulated. You should not allow hate speech, derogatory language, or other negative comments from online users. But you should also not turn off the comment feature altogether as it serves as an opportunity to bring students together and engage with each other.

8. Offer Promotional Codes,

Promotional codes can be used to attract students. You should offer promotional codes to your loyal students providing them with discounts on courses. Adding promotional codes to your website will also attract new students to the website.

9. Create an Event Calendar,

Creating an event calendar is also recommended for an online educational website. The event calendar should inform people of the upcoming events related to the online courses. The event calendar should only be displayed to registered students.

The more value you create for the potential and actual customers, the more successful your website will be.

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