9 Website Design Tips to Boost Page Load Speed

Dec 5, 2019 | 0 comments

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One of the crucial search engine ranking factors is page load speed. The amount of time that a website takes to load on the screen can make or break your online business.

Google has emphasized the importance of page speed as a ranking signal. Everything starts with page speed. You need to optimize your website page speed to make a good first impression.

Every second count when it comes to optimizing page speed. Here you will learn about some website design elements that will help improve the page speed.

1. Avoid Large Size Images

Large images can result in slow page speed. After a user enters a site, the server will start loading images. The larger the files, the slower will be the page load speed.

Images account for about 68 percent of the page size.

You should not sacrifice the website functionality for images. If there are images that are not relevant, you should delete them. You should also compress the images before uploading them on the server. Consider using apps like Compressor.io or TinyJPG or CMS plugins like Smush IT or Imgen or consult with your Huntsville Web Designer to find out more on how to optimize website images for improved performance.

2. Don’t Use Too Many Plugins

Plugins can greatly extend the functionality of the site. However, before adding a plugin to your site you need to make sure that it’s really necessary. This is important since using too many plugins can slow down the website page speed.

You would probably need only a few plugins for your site. Take an objective look at the plugins to know whether they are really important for your site. Keeping the plugins to a minimum will help make your website much faster.

3. Break Down Large Pages

One of the reasons websites are getting slow lately is the tread towards single-page website design. While designing a single page is easier and less costly, it does negatively affect the page load speed.

Instead of large single web pages, you should consider splitting the pages into smaller ones. This will lead to less content including images and videos on a page. The result will be improved page load speed. Improved page speed will lead to a positive impact on your customers and search rankings.

4. Avoid Too Much White Spaces

White spaces can make the content easier to read for users. Using white spaces can make your website look pleasing to online visitors. But too much of anything is bad. And the same goes for white spaces.

You should avoid too much white space. This is important as ever white space you increase will add a few bytes. Cutting downs on the white spaces will result in reduced webpage size and improve page load speed.

5. Use Browser Caching Feature

The browser caching feature allows you to optimize your website page speed. Ask your Huntsville custom website designer to set up caching for the website.

Caching allows the site to temporarily store data on the user’s computer. As a result, users won’t have to wait long for the server to load files such as images, CSS files, JS and other resources. This will drastically cut down the page load speed.

6. Compress Your Website

Compressing the site can also lead to improved page load speed. Goggle has recommended using Gzip compression to compress the site. Enabling the compression will reduce the transfer response by up to 90 percent.

Gzip looks at similar instances of codes and strings and replaces them with shorter characters. This will result in significant improvements in page load speed.

7. Opt for Simple Website Design

The main intent of website design is to improve user experience (UX). And most online shoppers prefer a fast loading simple website over a slow-loading complex site.

Simple website design will result in a smoother UX for online visitors. Sites with minimalistic features are more desirable over the complex counterpart.

Apart from increased page speed, simple website design will help online users to locate the information easily without getting frustrated. Online users can navigate your website efficiently resulting in a positive impression. This will result in enhanced conversion rates, reduced bounce rate, and improved search engine ranking.

8. Reduce Website Requests

Website requests can put pressure on browsers. The server will take a lot of time it has to comply with a large number of requests. The requests can take up to 80 percent of page load time, according to Yahoo!

The fewer the requests a browser has to handle, the faster will be the page load speed. There are many ways the website requests can be reduced.

  • Use of CSS Sprites – Ask your Huntsville website design services company to combine frequently used images into a single sprite sheet. Accessing the CSS sprites prevents a browser to make multiple requests to load images.
  • Optimize Queries – Conditional statements in making queries can also help reduce demand on the browser. In this way, the browser only loads specific images or scripts useful for a device. The result will be reduced wait times for the page to load on the screen.
  • Combine JS/CSS Files – Combining JS or CSS files can also result in improved page load speed. Merging the files is recommended if the scripts and style sheets don’t vary from page to page. The result will be improved page load speed.

9. Update Your CMS

You need to update your CMS such as WordPress or Drupal regularly. The updates iron out kinks in the program. Not updating can result in slow website speed and crashes. This will result in a negative impression on your online users.

Updating the CMS is usually free of charge. So, you don’t really have any reason for not updating the system.

The above tips will help you improve your website ranking. You need to fix the website structure to boost page load speed. The faster your site, the more people will continue to visit your site. And Google loves what people like. You will be rewarded in the form of free organic traffic due to high page rankings.

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