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IG Webs, an award winning Huntsville Web Design, began its operation in 2004 to serve small and medium size businesses that do not have nor want in-house technical resources. As a business you can count on IG Webs, to be a true partner for you to allow you to concentrate on growing your business while avoiding the high cost of maintaining a technical staff. As a partner we can offer you help when you need us and be there for you every step of the way. IG Webs is a small web design house in Huntsville, Alabama that can respond to you quickly. Client care and service is our top priority and we’re small enough to be able to do just that, yet big enough to meet all your demands. A quick look at our portfolio will show you our uncompromising quality and attention to detail that is noticeable.

Jim Gharib

Jim Gharib


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Victoria Sutherland

Victoria Sutherland

Get Found Now Founder/CEO

Victoria Sutherland and Get Found Now have been synonymous for the last 15 years. As an optimized content writer for a variety of geo-targeted markets across the nation, she specializes in website marketing transformation. She writes for REAL people, not search engine spiders and bots. ”The Optimized Edge – putting you on the map and more!” GET FOUND NOW! is an all-natural search engine placement program guaranteed to produce prolonged periods peace of mind, increased prosperity and a burgeoning bottom line.


Aaron Sexton

Aaron Sexton

Kaboom Crash Media Founder/CEO

Kaboom Crash Media Founder and Creative Director Aaron Sexton is widely known for his ability to produce quality imaging and has been recognized by Photographer Forums Magazine as one of the World’s top photographers 2013. In addition, Aaron is the former Director of Video Productions for the University of Alabama. While holding his position at UAH he became the birth child behind the creative content and projection mapping technology for the annual event held in downtown Huntsville, Alabama known as L.I.T. Aaron Sexton is also regionally known for his photographic documentary exposition of Huntsville’s homeless entitled “The Truth Lies Beautifully“. This exposition helped to generate $27,000 in donations for Huntsville homeless community.

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