Blog design is a very important aspect of a blog. Most people judge things based on the visual appearance. Therefore, a blog which has great content but is poorly designed is not likely to be successful.

The following are some of the major things you need to consider when it comes to blog design.   

1. Pleasant colors

Avoid having colors in your blog that are too dark or blinding, thus making it uncomfortable for visitors to look at your page or read the text. It is advisable to use light colors (preferably white) for your background, with dark images and text.

2. Readable text

You need to ensure that your text is easily readable. Select fonts which are large enough and simple enough for visitors to read. Rather than using fonts which are highly stylized, go for web-friendly fonts such as Verdanna and Georgia. In addition, you need to ensure your text presented in a way that allows quick scanning.

3. Good navigation

A good navigation system will enable your visitors to move easily from one page to another. As a result, readers are likely to spend more time on your blog. In addition, good navigation will enhance your search engine rankings. Make sure each post is accompanied with links other relevant articles. This will encourage people and search engines to stay longer on your blog.

4. Speed

When it comes to blog design, speed is very crucial. It is pointless to have a well designed blog which takes too long to load. Therefore, you need to work at ensuring that your site is as fast as possible. Keep your code clean and ensure all the elements and images are hosted on the server. In addition, limit your usage of plug-ins.

4. Purpose

Different blogs have different purposes. For some, the purpose is to encourage visitors to purchase an end product. For others, it the purpose is to encourage readers to subscribe. Make sure your blog is designed in a way that complements its purpose. A good design is one that is focused on getting people to do something specific. For instance, if your purpose is to get subscribers, make sure you include a subscription widget above the fold on your blog.

5.  Silence

If you have to use music on your blog, make sure it doesn’t play automatically when someone lands on the page. This is likely to offend many people. Instead, you should allow visitors to play the clips at their discretion.

6. Social links and contact forms

Building relationships is a very important aspect of blogging. Therefore, you need to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to share information and connect with you. Make sure you include links to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social network profiles. In addition, you should provide a contact from which will enable people to contact you.

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