Colors have a significant influence on how people feel and think about your site or blog. If the colors on your blog have a negative subconscious effect on people, you might end up losing your visitors. Therefore, before selecting colors for your blog, you need to understand the general meanings associated with different colors.

The following are some of the commonly accepted color meanings:


Many people, both male and female, like the color blue. As a result, many sites and blogs use this color in their design. Some of the leading brands that use blue as their predominant color include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The color blue is usually associated with trust, dependability, calm and security.


Green usually reminds people of nature and grass. It is commonly seen as a healthy and fresh color. At times, dark green colors are associated with money.


For a long time, red has been a symbol of anger or danger. It is seen by many as an energetic and aggressive color. Many people react, both subconsciously and physically, when presented with the color red. Therefore, red can be a very effective for grabbing people’s attention.


Brown can elicit feelings of durability and is frequently associated with the earth. However, some people see it as dirty. Therefore, you need to think twice before using the color brown in your web or blog design.


Yellow is an ideal color for communicating warmth and positivity. Studies have shown that this is the first color which people identify. Therefore, yellow is ideal for directing attention of visitors to the vital parts of your site or blog.


The color orange symbolizes fun and usually elicits feelings of excitement. Therefore, if your blog is fun-oriented, orange would be an ideal color.


Pink is widely perceived to be a feminine color. Bright pinks are considered young, fun and exciting, while pale pinks are considered romantic. Pink is therefore the ideal choice for a feminine blog.


The color purple can represent different things. Some people see it as a sophisticated color, while others consider it a creative color. Other people associate the color purple with spirituality or royalty.


White is perceived as a symbol of cleanliness and purity. This is why most cleaning products are white in color. White can be very effective in getting people’s attention, especially when used as a background color for dark text in sites or blogs.


The color black is associated with power, luxury, sophistication and high class.


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