Choosing a web designer is as important as creating a workable business plan for your company. Your web designer should have an extensive portfolio of work they have recently done in order to prove their abilities. They should be able to provide valid references. Also, they should be trustworthy with your company’s private information because in many cases, you will have to give some pretty intrusive details on your business in order to get a site built to suit your needs. Although these numbers are extremely limited and rare, some web designers have been known to take deposits from individuals and never be heard from again, or not supply the task they advertised. Your website is your connection to your clients and in a lot of cases, serves as the face of your company. The design, security, and development of your site, is a crucial element to your company’s success.

With the hundreds of thousands of do-it-yourself web design books available, some people are pretty quick to label and market themselves and a full on web designer. It takes much more that a few books and tutorials to create interactive and appealing websites. To be considered a true web designer or web developer, a person should be very well versed in the common markup languages, such as PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, ActionScript, ASP.NET, and others. Every clients needs are different and in order to meet every clients needs, a developer should be able to code a site with the most relevant markup language.

Web design is not an easy feat. Web design requires patience, dedication, long hours, and a vast knowledge of the current technologies and languages. You should view your potential developer’s portfolio or recent work and see if they have created a site like the one you have envisioned. If so, they will more than likely be able to replicate that task with your project. Also, make sure they have developed more than just a few sites because experience is everything. If a developer is inexperienced, they will likely be charging you for hours of work that you would not have had to pay with a more experienced developer. Take advantage of checking up on your developer if they provide you with any references. Most people do not follow through on researching before making the final purchase and a lot of references may not be valid, or might be a friend of family member.

Make sure when you speak with your web developer during your initial, should be free, consultation, you question any discrepancies you come across in their portfolio, with their references, or on their website. You may think you are getting a great deal with the developer you have chosen, but you may be in for a long road of problems.

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