There are several important elements to keep in mind when creating the overall look and feel of a comprehensive landing page. It goes without saying that the most important element of any landing page is the copy. Good copy will get visitors intrigued by your offer and get them onboard with it. Crucial copy elements that belong on every landing page include your call to action, your unique selling proposition, the benefits of your proposition, your offer, and social proof.

Call To Action (CTA)

Every element on your landing page should build towards your call to action (CTA ) goal. The call to action is the most important part of any landing page. This is where a visitor either converts or doesn’t, and the more value you can convey within your call-to-action copy, the more conversions you are likely to get. Keep your copy relevant and focused on the benefit of clicking.

Unique Selling Proposition & Headline

Your unique selling proposition is usually the title or headline of your page so that visitors know immediately what your offer is about. The selling proposition should describe what is uniquely valuable about your offer. The headline’s main job is to keep visitors on the page long enough to see what it’s all about. Your headline is also the first thing people see and read. Therefore, it is important that it clearly and concisely describes what a visitor will get from the page.

Benefits, Results & Outcomes 

Benefits, including results and outcomes, are the crux of your offer. Stating the benefits of your offer helps people understand why they should want your offer. Instead of just making up stuff, why not ask your current customers what they love about your services and/or products and use that valuable feedback for creating your copy.

What’s Up for Grabs

The offer is that which is “up for grabs” on your landing page. You should explain exactly what the offer is, what steps are involved in getting it, and what will happen next. Remember, the more you want people to give, i.e. email address, cash, etc., the better the offer needs to be.

Social Proof

Last but not least is the element of social proof. Building social proof into your offer is a great way to generate interest, build credibility and trust, and ultimately drive more conversions in the way of leads and sales. Visitors are more likely to convert when they see that other folks were satisfied with your product or service. You can back up your offer with client/customer testimonials, case studies, data about users, facebook likes, etc. 

By incorporating all of the above elements into your landing pages, your offer/ marketing campaign is off to a good start and you are more likely to drive it home in conversions.

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