converting static site to WordPressAnyone who is looking to have a brand new website created should be considering the advantages of using WordPress, but even if you’ve got a website already WordPress could still be valuable to you.

Many people who want a website to call their own feel they need to build one from the ground up. They might do this by coding the site by hand or by using one of the web design tools that are available on the market. These strategies can work for the truly dedicated and technically minded,, but it can also make it very difficult to update and upgrade the site.

That’s why many people end up looking at WordPress users enviously, wishing that they could take advantage of the platforms power and ease of use. If you already have a website but are still wishing for a WordPress site you might think that you have to choose between staying with your current website or starting all over.

Fortunately there are strategies for upgrading existing websites to WordPress. By doing some simple research and taking the necessary steps it is possible to transfer your content to a brand new WordPress site.

Upgrading By Hand

The strategy you should use to upgrade your site will depend on the type of site you have. If it’s just a basic site with only two or three pages of content, then you can simply recreate it by copying and pasting the material from one site to the next. WordPress supports HTML so you can even carry over a lot of the formats this way. However, you will have to modify the design style to match your current website. That won’t be so bad if you know CSS but will be difficult if you don’t.

If you’ve got a more complicated site your options will be based on how you organized it. If it’s pieced together with little rhyme or reason then the upgrading process may be as difficult as building a new site from the ground up.

Understand that to recreate your website you’ll need to capture and transfer two things, the content of your webpages and the overall design. Just copying and pasting HTML from each page may work for the content but it won’t work for the design. Page code doesn’t just contain the content; it will also contain style information that won’t work. The overall look of your site needs to be transformed into a WordPress theme that captures the overall look of your site, programs running different functions of your site should be turned into or replaced with plugins, and content will be converted into individual pages or posts.

As you can imagine this process can get very complicated very quickly, it’s up to you to decide what you’re willing to do in order to recreate your old site. Of course you can always call on IG Webs to design a custom theme to match your current website and transfer your content to it for a complete recreation.

Automated Options

If all of these technical details sound daunting to you, you’re not alone. For years the process scared many people away, which inspired a new service that greatly simplifies the process.

The tool, known as HTML to Wordpress, is designed to be as simple as possible for some simple websites. The idea is that you only need to drag and drop a folder containing your current website onto the HTML to WordPress tool and watch as it converts the material into a WordPress Theme.

It should be noted that the service isn’t free. As of writing it costs $9. We’re not affiliated with this service so we can’t endorse it, and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work right away or the conversion cannot be completed! It just all depends on how your site is constructed.All we can say is that it looks like a viable option for people who really want to upgrade their non-WordPress site without having to touch some of the more technical features.

The Finishing Touches

Anyone who decides to upgrade a website to WordPress should understand that there is no one strategy for the process. The larger and more disorganized your site is, the more difficult it will be to upgrade. Any site can theoretically be converted over to WordPress, it’s just a matter of how much time and money will have to be invested to complete the process.

Ultimately you have to decide what your old site is worth to you. For some people it’s worth spending large amounts of time or money into making sure their site is recreated as perfectly as possible. For others just setting up a WordPress site that captures the look and feel of the old site along with the most important content should do the job.

Going forward it’s worth keeping two things in mind, upgrading a site to WordPress is possible but there is no easy button that will handle everything for you. It will always be important to try what you can and then decide your next steps based on what’s important to you and what your available resources are.

Finally, always remember to redirect your old webpages to your new pages. You don’t want to lose out on visitors who might be using links to your old site, if possible. Ideally you can set up your new site with permalinks that match the old names, but you can also set up redirects to ensure you don’t lose any valuable traffic.

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