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e-Commerce websites are like any other website with the exception of having a shopping cart, catalog and detail pages so your customers can get a feel for your products.

 Dynamic E-Commerce Website

Magnolia AbbeyYou should opt for a dynamic e-commerce web design if there are a large number of products. Dynamic means your products are displayed from the database on a single page rather than being statically placed on multiple pages. That works better for larger e-commerce websites since all of the information being displayed is kept in the database and when a customer demands it, the website fetches it from the database and displays it all instantly. This means only a single detail page is needed for all products.

shea butta butters websitee-Commerce websites can be managed by you or by us depending on what your goals are. The design goes through the same procedure from the initial meeting to the end of the project as explained here

Static E-Commerce Website

m&k exhaust website

Discover a captivating world where each product page is thoughtfully designed to create a unique experience. Our static approach may cost more for a larger quantity of products, but it’s perfect for a smaller number of product ranges. Just like in a physical store, customers crave the tactile experience. While they can’t physically touch products in an e-store, high-quality photographs bring them to life. The catalog pages are your virtual storefront, showcasing beautifully arranged items. Customers can then explore each product in detail – from larger, high-resolution images to specific details like size and color. With all the info they need, purchasing is a breeze. Welcome to the world of static e-commerce, where exceptional design meets seamless shopping.

Clients Say

Mr. Jim Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing my vision into reality. I love my website; customers find it very easy to navigate to find the product and the product information. The …

Melanie Allison

Owner, Shea Butta Butters

We have been a customer for years now as IG Webs has designed 4 websites for us for our businesses over the years. They have always done an excellent job. They care about their … 

Lynn Tidmore

Owner, Current electrical & Generators

m&k exhaust website

MK Exhaust

A Porsche exhaust system company

shea utta butters website

Shea Butta Butters

There is something for everyone and every part of your body

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Magnolia Abbey

Luxury Bed Linen, Bath, Body and Home Decor