What is the first thing you have to know when you want to optimize your web page ? Well, the answer is you have to know what’s your web page for. Is it e-commerce website or you just trying providing people with information on your site?

After figuring out the type of your site then be sure that all of the text on your site is optimized for search engines. Look at your existing content on your site. Highly recommended if you do some keyword analysis to see what keywords and phrases are the most likely and appropriate for use by individuals who searching and interested in your website. Avoid using key phrases which are too excessive in your content material.
Everything on your site should be optimized so that it’ll emerge more easily in search engines. If you are using photo or image, this should also be optimized for search engines. To make certain your site pages have been optimized for search engines like google and yahoo then you need to check your entire site. Not only your site should search engines optimized with the the best keywords, but all of the pages relating to the site should also be optimized. If you want to increase website ranking in search engines, you should have pages link to your web page. Most people make mistake by just optimizing the first web page of their website but neglects the remaining pages. Nevertheless, the search engine bots will still go deeper to the pages of your website to examine whether it’s been optimized for web optimization .
SEO is a long-term effort so it is likely the effects are not immediately visible. This is not a marketing activity that results can be seen overnight. There is no shortcut way in SEO. Every search engine has its own characteristics and different algorithms with each other. The time required is also different and varies for every search engine. It can be very fast to take months. Many companies out there offering search engine marketing services and promising your site will be in three or even the first page of search engine results. If you wish to do search engine optimisation on your own, then you definitely must work hard and learn how to be patience for it. You also have to be careful when doing Search Engine Optimization and follow the rules of every search engine Term of Service (TOS) to steer clear of your site getting penalized.
Another thing that needs to be considered is the content of your website. Although your website technically looks perfect and good for both search engine robots and human eyes, but it would be useless and meaningless if you don’t have good content and sufficiently informative. What does it mean to have a high ranking website but can not be understood by human visitors ?. In essence, regardless the type of website, content (articles, text, pictures, etc.) should be unique enough to get other people interested in. In addition, content that is displayed on your website should be up-to-date and fresh new. If you add new contents to your website on a regular basis, then it can make your website visitors more interested and decided to come back again to visit your site. Often, these satisfied visitors will make a link to your website. Search engine robots will also visit your website more often if they know you always update the content so that will get your website indexed faster.

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