Flash is an animation program which allows for creating not only animation as you might imagine but also for creating movement in a website to keep users engaged. Flash websites use Action Script programming along with a technique called Tweening to ahcieve the animation of any object such as navigation menus, website pages and various contents as the designer chooses.

Complete Flash websites are not search engine friendly since they can not read the information search engine like to collect for their users. So the designer must provide textual content not only for search engines but also for text readers and those who do not have a flash player in their browser. For this reason we recommend using Flash mostly for contents, such as headers of pages, sparingly. This certainly will help the website’s search engine ranking.

However, there are some cases such as photography or art websites where Flash really shines in the presentation of the artists work but the textual content must be provided. If you do wish to have flash content, be sure and let us know so it could planned for.

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