The latest addition to the long list of Google tools that can be beneficial to webmasters and users in general is the Google +1 button in your website. This Google +1 tool will allow users with Google accounts to share their contents or any content they have interest on, to their friends and other acquaintances, much like how the Facebook “like” button works.

With this method users with a Google account can +1 your website, or any content page in your site that they have an interest on. This is also particularly true if a person is logged into Google at the time they are browsing content on any website with a Google +1 button.

This Google +1 method can be implemented in non-Google website and likewise in the Google search results pages. When a Google user adds Google +1 to their website they can use the +1 button to share their interest with other users in the internet.

This Google tool has limitations though, like you need to have a Google account in order to have this +1 button in your site. You cannot use also the Google +1 button in private pages are pages that where you are only the person to have access to or the people you have granted access to or the people you have granted access to view these pages.

Because of the Google +1 button can make people show their appreciation of a website and recommend these to their friends, it may have somewhat an effect on rankings, if you look at it at the context of these being like links. It may also have an effect on search engine optimization of the site being recommended to being clicked as +1.

Being like the Facebook “like” button, several of these +1 clicks may be showing that the sites have more influence in the net as shown by +1 click. These clicks can be just like votes pointing to the popularity of the site and thus deserve a good ranking in the search pages.

You have to be signed in as a Google account user so that your +1 vote will be counted as a recommendation to the site being +1 clicked. This can be like doing social networking actions on Google, despite it being not a social networking site.

You can relate this with the social media sites having much influence on search engine rankings in Google. With a lot of users showing appreciation to a website, this can show to Google that the site is popular and may be worth linking to.

But your site has to be with quality contents and have the SEO elements also so that it will really deserve its rankings. The +1 button is an added advantage and it shows its popularity but these SEO elements will be giving it more of a boost.

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