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When starting up a new website, or overhauling an older one, font is one of those details that often gets overlooked. It is there, and it allows people to read what you have to say, so how much fanfare should it get? The truth is, there is a lot of importance placed on having the right font. If you put the wrong font on your website, it can actually cost you business. When people cannot easily read what is on your website, those people tend to go elsewhere to find the information they want. That is not going to do your business any good.

Signs You May Not Have the Right Font on Your Website

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are trying to figure out the perfect font. If the current font you are using is very small, this is not a good idea. Many people search websites from smaller devices like tablets and smartphones. Having a small font means they likely cannot read much of what you have to say. You want a larger font that is easy to see, no matter what device you are using to see your website.

Having script letters for all of the words on your website is also a problem, most of the time. If your website is periodic back to the Victorian era, then it may apply. However, most websites have little to do with that period of history. Script letters can be very difficult to decipher between as they all blend together. Plus, the extra swirls can make it appear that extra letters are mixed in, making the words difficult to differentiate.

If your website uses a ton of different fonts, this can be just as bad as using one, difficult to read font. It is fine to use two or three different fonts so long as you make sure they match. However, using a different font for each different section of your website is simply going to get overwhelming. Even having two fonts that do not match up in general style can be gaudy and unattractive. If you are going to use more than one font, make sure they match in overall style and size.

What Things Do You Want from Your Font?

What you want most out of your font if readability. If you can find a great font that is easy to read, then you are in good shape. Fonts that are all in the same family can make using multiple fonts on your website much easier, because they share a good number of qualities. That means, when people look over your website, they will see similarities among the words, which will help your font choices look better.

If you want to see which font pairs do best on your website, try some testing. Set up a page of your website with one set of fonts, and another page with a different set of fonts. See which page gets more visitors and engagement, and use that set of fonts on the rest of your website.

If you want help getting your Huntsville web design project off the ground, or if you just need help figuring out the perfect font for your website, give us a call. We can sit down with you and go over the positives and negatives of your current website, including the font you chose. If it is not the most effective font for your business, we can explain why and suggest a font that may give you better results.

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