Social Networking sites have probably been the most popular trend on the internet every since Facebook and Twitter dominated the realm of social networking, it’s gone a bit wild for them as they can’t keep up with what is happening with there own sites due to the amount of traffic and accounts processed this very second.

So you say you want a piece of the pie?…

Well listen very closely as I don’t really want to get into too much detail but at the same time give you as much detail as possible.

If you are new to all this internet css stuff then you will need to go and study a bit before you enter the world of social networking as it’s not all about money and fame, it’s a very complicated business to actually own, one false move and you are done for.

1) Plan you ideas first, it’s obvious throwing everything on the fly isn’t going to help you much as modifying and updating on a regular basis can effect your website in so many ways, so be sure to plan your ideas on how the website is going to look & feel (you don’t need to be an artist, just grab a pencil and doodle away on paper)

2)Grab a domain and hosting *This is important* if a domain name is a bit suckish then people won’t join your site, you want a domain name that’s short, friendly and dedicates your site in so many way, look online, get advice from forums take your time you have plenty.

Grab yourself a DEDICATED HOST PLAN! you cannot be cheap to run a site like this, people want to see you as the next Facebook and Twitter so make sure you are NOT! on shared hosting, this will seriously slow down your website and people that were going to sign up just won’t wait around for a site to load, they will end up leaving.

3)Get creative! now you can start building the site, be sure to go along with your plans and try to keep everything simple as bombarding the website with boxes and images will look more like your selling hundreds of products for someone, you want people to know that this is a social network and it’s free so join, so simple is the way to go (Google will love it)

4)your pretty much done now, all there’s left is the advertising, quick word of advice, always advertise to other social networks if you are doing free advertising, don’t bother with newspapers and other link building stuff as long as they are backlinks your fine, submitting links don’t work, what you want is hardcore signup to go viral, also don’t force someone to join it won’t attact them, act either like a third party user or promote it professionally.

Give it time…

Facebook did go viral very quickly but Mark Zuckerberg still waited on the edge of 5 years before his site became a hit.


Please do some research, I am not forcing you to stay away from something like this, it’s the fact that you need to understand the ups and downs, Facebook has been sued for million AND they are being sued again!

What I can recommend is getting someone to build one for you that has a bit more knowledge over CSS, if you want to buy one it will cost you an arm and a leg, so if your rich go for it!

Thanks for reading.

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