How to Geo-target Your Local Market Geo-targeted webpages for your local market are key for your website traffic if localism marketing is important.  These pages will absolutely boost your area topic authority, search engine placement index exposure and rankings if you consistently link back to relevant pages within your website, including articles/posts within your site.

We call what we do” building internal web traction within the Greater Web.”

Online Game Plan Marketing is a Must

Create a well thought out game plan and marketing strategy for the different geo-areas you want to target.  Go wide and then go granular. This way you can build out your site appropriately as it grows exponentially and organically.

That being said, usability and interesting pages that people enjoy reading, stay with on the page long enough for lead generation AND link back to via comments and social media do take a fair amount of time to write, optimize and format for maximum usability, and and of course, SEO.   Please don’t forget that SEO layer when writing blog articles. If you don’t, you’re only hobby blogging, which is an utter waste of your valuable time if you are primarily focused on Internet marketing for biz and not the other.

Geo-targeted Area Profile Page Components

Start off with overview info you are focusing on for each area page. Then dive into area specific information such as demographics, climate, geography, education, economy, employment, hospitals, culture, points of interest, recreation, parks, transportation, etc., and outbound links (that open in a new window) to relevant authority sites for usability and SEO. We suggest that you stay away from discussing race or religion in all markets and industries.  It is not good protocol on the Internet or any other place for that matter.

Current Data Always

Make sure that your area profiles are current with demographic data, at least one year in the current date zone.  Some online sources are better than others, no doubt.  Obviously, you want to stay away from copying directly from Wikipedia or City-Data because they are overwrought with outdated info and well… mostly junk written content anyway,

Duplicate content is dupe no matter where it comes from and will not help you in the index and can actually hurt your index placement if you copy/past, so don’t.  Always, and I mean always, check your sources thoroughly and run it all through Copyscape for dup content.  To really make sure you are not duplicating for sure checkout Originality.ai Word from the wise, NEVER take content and call it your own from another website that is not your own. Bad for biz and it will come back to haunt you in the long or short run. It’s also so uncool and so nasty to rip off other peoples’ hard work. Super wrong to the 10th power and very bad karma so don’t do it.

Defining Your Area of Focus

There are some websites that offer geo-targeted info for multiple counties, cities, townships, designated places, etc., while others get even more granular and target neighborhoods, communities, subdivisions, etc., within a single city radius. Remember, always create a proper parent /child hierarchy within your URL structure and tab menu.

Parent/Child URL Structure Hierarchy

How to build out pages – Google rumor has it, one never really knows for sure (lol), that child pages (area, neighborhood, communities, etc.) should link back to the main parent area profile page content and, interlinked to one another’s content whenever possible.  With subdivision and communities, city pages, county pages, and so forth, we follow the same protocol and it seems to work just dandy until it stops working with the next algorithm update –  so far so good for the past 8 years, lol.

Below is an example of internally linked area profile pages with a parent/child hierarchy URL structure:

http://realtyresource247.com/greater-phoenix-arizona-communities/ – Parent Page
http://realtyresource247.com/greater-phoenix-arizona-communities/northeast-valley/ – Child Page
http://realtyresource247.com/greater-phoenix-arizona-communities/northeast-valley/carefree/– Child Child Page

Establish deep link navigation SEO and area topic authority by linking area profile pages to one another and to other relevant pages and posts within your website whenever possible. This internally linked “web within the greater web” is extremely powerful SEO mojo and will create maximum geo-targeted area authority for your website.

Geo-targeted Web Page Content Examples

We specialize in optimized and geo-targeted area profile web pages for real estate and all [products and services. here are some of our many examples., just to name a few:

Why Adding a Google Map is Good for Geo-targeted SEO

You can enhance your geo-targeted area authority by adding a Google map to your area specific pages and posts. Keep in mind that search engines are smart but they can’t watch a movie and they can’t read java script so we recommend using an interactive, embedded Google Map for a little extra geo-juice.  Keep in mind that by adding a Google map in your area profile pagesyou are helping Google, Bing and Yahoo ascertain what area your content is about. One two three and it is easy and fast.

However, and that being said, if you are a real estate agent and have IDX integration, most MLS’s want disclaimers at the very bottom of every page right below their map or search, so if you use a Google map, make sure it is not below the search map or just a link that Google can follow somewhere in between. Put it in there somewhere that doesn’t look weird for usability and a.k.a. spam looking.  Hope all this info helps!

Content SEO Make-Overs

You may already have a lot of great content on your website, but if the layer of geo-targeting and proper optimization is nonexistent or amiss, you won’t get the kind of index traction you could be getting. That is where we come in.

We can fix this very important layer so that you get found now for the topics you want to dominate in the index for. Content SEO make-overs include:  reformatting with the use of supportive heading tags for SEO/usability), optimization utilizing geo-targeted long tail keywords, create geo-targeted SEO meta tags, create geo-targeted H1 page titles, internal linking of pages, content clean up (rewrite, CopyScape and add content where necessary, add embedded Google maps, remove image file names and add image alt text, create call to action/internal linking signature and add to all pages/posts.

Rates for optimized website content make-overs vary depending on your specific content issues and how much content you have. Give us a call and we will analyze your content and give you a reasonable quote and a comprehensive content game plan to follow – Batch discount of 6 or more pages will apply.  Call us for more info and have a great day!!  Telephone: 256.679.4446