How to Improve Website Conversion Rate?

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Huntsville SEO conversion rate

Website conversation rates is a critical metric for website owners. The metric refers to the number of visitors who have visited the site and completed an action. The action can include filling out forms, subscribing to the email newsletter, or making a purchase.

You can calculate the website conversion rate by dividing the total online visitors by the number of completed actions. As an example, consider you have 2,500 visitors during a month and 1,000 of those visitors purchased from your site. The conversion rate of your website is 40 percent (1,000 divided by 2,500).

Social entrepreneur Jeremy Smith stated that marketing is useless unless it results in conversion.

The average landing page conversion rates was 2.35 percent, according to Wordstream. What’s more, the conversion rate of the top sites was 5.31 percent and higher.

Now that you understand exactly what is conversion rate, let’s find out some tips to improve the conversion rates of a website.

1. Focus on Empathy

The foremost element of a website design should be empathy. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your online visitors. Find out the reason online visitors visit your site. Understand their needs, desires, and hopes that can be fulfilled through the site.

Remember that every visitor that visits your site carries out a cost-benefit analysis. Does the cost of services or products outweigh the benefits?

The website design and content should focus on addressing concerns of online visitors. It’s your job to convince the client through proper context and empathy. You need to show that the benefits are more than the cost of obtaining your product or service offering. And this requires empathy or telling exactly what your readers want.

To increase the conversion rate, you have to address the concerns. The answers to concerns should be backed by strong evidence. Once you have done that, you will have an easy time convincing the buyers to make a purchase.

2. Online Support

You can also consider installing online chat to allow visitors to find solutions on their own. Live chat can be an extremely convenient source of communication. Visitors don’t have to wait for their line to connect. They can receive instant answers from a live chat agent.

The chat button should be prominent without being intrusive.  Most customers don’t like a chat screen showing on their face when they enter a site.

The chat window should remain dormant on the lower right corner of the screen. Allow customers to click on the link to contact live chat agents. A chat screen that is less intrusive will create a more positive impact on the customers.

3. Include Hi-Res Images

Most of us rely on our visuals when communicating. Using imagery can help in boosting conversion rates. Good images can grab the attention of the users from the get-go. They improve engagement rates and result in improved conversion metrics.

Avoid using stock images since they are a bad representation of the uniqueness of your brand. Consider hiring a professional graphic designer to create professional images that truly represent your brand.

If you sell products online, you should present images of the product from different angles. Ask your Huntsville website designer to incorporate image zoom-in function. This will give visitors a chance to closely view the product prior to making a purchase.

4. Create Informational Videos

Adding videos is also important to boost conversion rates. Videos give the chance to visitors to better know the product or services. It helps address their concerns leading to increased chances of conversion.

According to a survey carried out by Aberdeen Group, video marketers who add videos experience about 66 percent higher conversion rates.

You can use tools such as Vidyard to create engaging video presentations. The tools allow you to create engaging videos and also track engagement rates of the videos.

Consider adding video testimonials. This will establish trust among your online customers. You should ask the permission of your customers to make a video. Consider offering some incentives such as discounts on selected products for making a video testimonial. The efforts will pay off in the form of high conversion rates.

5. Add Trust Signals

Consider adding security logs on your site. Logos of prominent online security brands such as TRUSTe, McAfee Secure, and VeriSign give assurance to online readers that their personal information is secure.

Huntsville Website Design Conversion Rates

6. Put Valuable Information on Top and Bottom

You should put the most valuable information on the top of the screen. Why? Because the top section of the website is looked at the most by online visitors.

You have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of visitors. Placing enticing information on the top of the screen will help entice the interest of the online readers. If they find the information on the top of the screen appealing, they are more likely to spend more time browsing the site. Use prominent headlines to draw the attention of readers. Make sure that the contact information is also displayed prominently at the top of the screen.

The next most looked at part is the bottom of the website. Most people browse right to the bottom of the page when visiting the site for the first time. Consider adding a clear call-to-action at the bottom of the screen. This will help improve the conversion rate of your website.

7. Test and Adjust

You should test and adjust your website regularly. Find out what works and what needs to change. Consider carrying out A/B testing to find out what features and design results in the best conversion rates.

You can use online tools such as Crazy Egg to generate ‘heat maps’ that show where people click on the screen. You will know how customers interact on your site.

In case a website is not getting user engagement, you should consider optimizing the site. Consider changing the color, format, and design. This will let you know the best website design that results in optimum conversion rates. ​

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