How Website Performance and Design Influences SEO

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How Website Performance and Design Influences SEO

Website speeds and aesthetics have a significant impact on their search engine ranking. These two elements can be best seen as triggers for a chain reaction. While Google doesn’t exactly reveal how or what aspects of website speed are tracked by it, the bulk of the weightage lies on user experiences. Over the years, Google has shifted its emphasis towards users and their ability to find the appropriate answers in response to their queries. Using some sophisticated technologies, Google and other search engines are making users the heroes of their stories and making sure that every website that shows on the first page is the best in terms of content, performance and ease of access.

How Google Has Changed SEO Forever

Many people are surprised when Huntsville SEO is discussed only in connection to Google. There is a very good reason for this. The tech giant holds a 91% share in the search engine market. This means that most of the world’s population relies on it to make the necessary searches. The rest of the share is not held by a single company but divided amongst platforms like Bing and Yahoo.

Returning to the point, Google has switched to using SERPs which means that the focus is no longer solely on the content but a number of other elements as well. These include visuals, back links, social media associations as well as the website’s design and performance. These changes were introduced using a major update to the algorithms running the search engine in 2010. Ever since, Google has continue to build upon this foundation by using some advanced techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get rid of spam and pin-point the most useful content for its users.

How Website Speed Impacts Ranking

Starting 2010, Google stated that website speeds will have an impact on website rankings. It is widely believed that the company deliberately left it unclear as to which elements of website speed will be tracked. Experts are of the opinion that user reviews play an important role in determining rankings.

Users are quite sensitive to slow loading websites. According to studies, 47% of users will only wait an average of two seconds or less for a webpage to load. Anything beyond this causes them to abandon the page and look elsewhere. Search engines can track this movement and mark it as a negative point for the website. Subsequently if the issue is not fixed, the rankings of the website will drop.

Importance of Designs in Huntsville SEO

Similarly to performance and speeds, design also constitute as a factor that shapes the user experience. Users report that the most frequent reason for leaving a website is because it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Being hard to navigate is another reason that counts as bad design. All these things are embedded in user movements as they scroll through the websites and Google uses this data to analyze where users are spending more time. Of course, if a website has relevant information and people stick around on it for long, it deserves to be given a boost in rankings and vice versa. This is how Google’s new algorithms operate in essence.

What Statistics Tell Us about User Comments Regarding Bad Websites

There have been a variety of studies and surveys to support the fact that bad performance and designs actually impact user experiences. This, in turn, has an influence on the search engine rankings. Here are a few important numbers:

  • 35% of users say that they stop interacting with a website, if the design or layout is not attractive
  • 94% of all the negative feedback about websites is related to poor designs, according to another survey
  • Users form an opinion about a website within 50 milliseconds which can only mean that they do this after one single glance

How to Improve Website Performance

There are a number of things that businesses and website owners can do to improve the performance of their website and, in turn, improve its search engine ranking. These factors include:

  • Responsive web designs: Websites have to be as fast as they are on desktop when they are accessed on mobile. 85% users believe that websites should as good on mobile as they are on desktops. There are a number of development tools that help designers and businesses create mobile-friendly website with responsive designs to improve performance.
  • Insights and testing: There are a variety of tools available that provide extensive details about the website, like its average load times and elements that might be slowing it down. Other platforms also allow for tests to be carried out on the website to make sure that it is up to speed with user requirements.

Design Elements to Integrate in Your Website

Besides the importance of focusing on performance and speed-related issues, businesses have to improve the layout, content and overall aesthetics of their websites. Ease of navigation, the ability to find the required information easily, visual aids, creative presentation, color themes, effective branding and call-to-actions are just a few elements that are of significance to users. Designers and developers alike have to emphasize on building websites that are not just beautiful to look at but also simple to go through. More importantly, this has to be done from the user’s perspective.


Huntsville website services have gained enormous experience over the years working with a diverse set of clients. Although Google maintains that content is still king when it comes to SEO, other factors continue to have an influence on website rankings overall. When it comes to performance and Huntsville custom web designs, users are quite picky and spontaneous to react with negative feedback. If the negative feedback comes constantly, Google takes note and begins to drop the respective website in terms of ranking on its search engine.

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