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Huntsville SEO

Most online floral business owners don’t have a digital marketing strategy. As a result, they lose out on attracting a large number of online visitors towards their site.

Marketing is not just about advertising on magazines, newspapers, and large billboards. You also need to focus on improving online visibility of your site through search engine optimization, or SEO.


How Can SEO Benefit an Online Florist Business?


With the CVOID-19 pandemic, many people now search for products online instead of visiting a local shop. In fact, reports suggest that the florist industry is going to see its highest revenue earnings in the coming years.

But there are thousands of online floral shops and due to which all have to get a leg up over their competition to gain customers.  SEO can help achieve this goal.

SEO is one of the cornerstones of a digital marketing strategy. It refers to the process of getting your website ranked high on the search results page. It involves on-page optimization of the webpage as well as off-page optimization strategies.

The aim of SEO is to get your site ranked high on the search results pages. Huntsville SEO experts will target different keywords that relate to your online floral business for ranking your site. With the right strategies, you floral website can get the top spot in the search results thereby attracting a large amount of traffic to your site.

SEO is about optimizing a website for both search engines and online users. It involves ranking your site high in local search so that you get targeted traffic that results in higher conversion rate or more purchases from your site. It will allow online users to readily find your business online.

So how can online floral businesses benefit from SEO? Here are some tips from Huntsville SEO experts to help you optimize your site for search engines and gain visibility and traffic through organic search results.


Create a Blog Schedule


Search engines love websites that are constantly updated with new information. Websites that post blogs regularly are able to rank higher for different keywords.

You should create a blog posting schedule for your online floral business. Find out about topics that your customers would search online. You can use Google Trends tool to know about topics that are trending online.

For instance, if your company sells flowers to customers in Huntsville and you find that the term pink roses is trending online, you can write a blog post with the title “pink rose floral design in Huntsville”.

Make sure that you include images to make the post more interesting for the readers. You should also include links of some products in the blog post. The blog post should be lengthy (at least 1000 words) with proper headings. You should include the keyword in the body, image title, and heading of the blog post.


Partner with Local Online Businesses


You must look for opportunities to partner will local businesses to promote your online website. Floral businesses can partner with different online companies including:

  • Bridal shops
  • Event planning companies
  • Luxury limo/party bus companies
  • Home improvement sites

Search for local businesses online and request them to add your link to the website. You should also backlink by adding the partner business’ site to your website. Partnering with companies will provide a great opportunity to funnel traffic from the sites.


On Page Optimization


On page optimization refers to the process of optimizing your webpage for SEO. It involves including keywords related to your business in webpage content and meta tags.

You must write a brief Meta Description of up to 250 characters for each product page. The description is included in the Meta Description tag of the webpage.  Moreover, you should also include the keywords in the Meta Title of each product page.

The meta tags will appear on the search engine. So, you need to create title and description tags are well-written that will encourage customers to click on the link.

In addition, you should include keywords in title, heading, and content of the webpage. You can search for relevant keywords for your site using Google Keyword Planner tool.


Google Map Listing


A lot of people search for products in their area using Google Maps. So, you should add the business address to the Google Map.

Make sure to add your company’s phone number so that customers can contact you for further inquiries



Submit SiteMap


An important part of SEO is submitting site map of your site. You should create a site map using an XML site map tool. Next, you should sign up with Yahoo, Bing, and Google Webmaster Center to submit the sitemap of your site.

Submitting the sitemap will help search engine bots to crawl over your site. This will allow your site to be indexed by search engines.


Create Local Listing


Creating a local listing is important as it will allow you to rank your site in the local search results page. It will help your website to be discovered by customers in the area.

You can claim your website on Google My Business to make your website become visible in the search result page for customers in your area. Apart from Google My Business, you should also consider listing your website to the following sites.


Listing your website locally make sense as you can target the customers who live nearby. While you should still focus on improving the visibility of your floral website throughout the country, local listing will help your company to more easily get high rankings in local search results page.

The above are the basic SEO tips for ranking your floral website in search engine. You can find out more information by reading the Google Guide to Mobile SEO, the Beginners Guide to SEO and Link Building

Huntsville SEO experts at igwebs know the detailed process of ranking high in search engines. You contact us today if you want to boost the online ranking of your floral website.

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