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If you visit enough web sites you will see that certain pages pop up again and again. One of the most common elements of a web site is a contact page, an area where visitors can find everything necessary to get in touch with the people behind the website. If your site doesn’t have a contact page then creating one should be at the top of your to do list, unless you want your online experience to be a one way road.

The concept of a contact page is easy enough but deciding exactly what should be on that page might take some consideration. You can just list your email, phone number or address or you can use something more specific. Many website owners use contact forms to make communication easier and safer and you should at least consider the option when deciding what your own contact page will look like.

Reasons Why People Use Contact Forms

The contact form is easy to understand, it’s a form on a website where people can type in their name, email address and a message along with any other email the website owner decides to ask for. Once someone enters the information and clicks send an email containing that information is sent to the specified address.

It’s simple enough but you might wonder why you wouldn’t just list your email and let people email you like normal. The two reasons for the contact form are convenience and safety. Contact forms are right there for people to use, they don’t have to copy an address, log into their email, enter the address and then send a message. This may seem easy enough but people tend to get distracted easily when they’re surfing the web and if a visitor clicks onto something else before they send their message they might forget about you. Contact forms keep everything on your site, keeping distraction to a minimum.

Contact forms also protect you from spammers. Email addresses are a valuable commodity, spammers will buy thousands at a time and then message them all. This encourages people to scour the web for all the addresses they can find. With a contact form you get emails without having to put your address out there for just anyone to find.

Setting Up A Contact Form

If you have WordPress adding a contact form is incredibly easy. All you have to do is find a contact form plugin you like from the WordPress plugin directory and install it with a few clicks.

This page lists the most popular contact form plugins. Since we didn’t develop any of them IG Webs cannot fully endorse any of them, even the best plugins may decline over time. The best thing you can do is look at the most installed plugins and read recent reviews to make sure it seems to be working right before installing it. If you don’t know how to install plugins then just read our post on the subject.

Once the plugin is installed the process is different from one to the next but generally you need to set up the form and tell it where to send messages. Some plugins come with a very basic field of questions while others can be fully customized so you can put in all sorts of questions to ask people who want to contact you. Make sure you download a plugin that offers you the control you want and keep in mind that the more complex a form is the more daunting it will be to visitors, so try to keep it on the simple side if possible.

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