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How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Business

Keywords are almost everything when it comes to having a popular website that is able to be seen under numerous searches. You need to have the right keywords in the right places to boost your visibility when it comes to SEO. However, finding those keywords can be a...

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Your Website Loading Speed, Does It Really Matter?

Your website’s speed is an issue that can cause you a lot of trouble. Sometimes you will lose visitors if your website is too slow, while other times, it can be even more detrimental than that. For at least the last few years, Google has also added in the speed of...

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Ways of Catering Your Website to Your Audience

While you never want to think about your audience as simple, but when people on websites, they tend to want to do as little as possible to get the information they need. They want to show up, scan a little, maybe, and boom, find what they were looking for. This is...

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