adding video to web designOne of the biggest web design trends currently is having videos on your website. They are typically quick, and catch the attention of users that were only quickly scrolling through to see what you had to offer. It keeps your audience on your site longer, giving you a few extra precious seconds to make a good first impression. If you do not have any videos right now, you could be missing out on your share of your intended audience.

Some of the Perks of Using Videos in Your Web Design

Here are some of the main reasons that you should be using videos in your web design.

  1. It’s a great attention grabber! There are few things that can catch the eye of your audience quite like a video starting up when your page opens. It can make a great first impression, and leave your audience wanting to find out more.
  2. It’s great for SEO! You can use a video for each of the main keywords you want your website to rank for, and like magic, you will see your site going up the ranks!
  3. Your click through rate will climb up! People are much more apt to click around a website if they are curious as to what else is there, and a video can be just enough to entice a curious onlooker to become a customer!
  4. Sharing becomes probable. Do you want the people who come to your website to share it with other people? Then videos are likely to help you make that happen! People are far more likely to share a video than they are a simple paragraph on some random website.
  5. It’s totally passive. When a person comes to your website, and you instantly play a video, then you passively entertain them in a way that allows them to not put forth extra effort. It is easy for you, and for them, which will help them remember your site!
  6. It gets people talking! Social media is full of people talking about videos, and there are hundreds of millions of people coming to YouTube for the first time every single month. Don’t you want your business to be a part of that kind of action?
  7. You can show off your community. If you use the video to show the local area, you can connect with people that are located close to you, and gain their business more easily! It’s just a matter of picking the right video to showcase your site!
  8. Reconnect with former customers. Giving your old customers a reason to come and check you out again may bring back repeat business, which is the best kind of business!
  9. Some users simply do not feel like reading. You are going to be able to cater to those who want to come to your site and see the solution they were looking for.
  10. You can show off your staff and company at the same time! Using a video allows you to show off your business to anyone watching, along with the people and faces that represent your company. The more you show them in the video, the more they are going to remember who you are and what you stand for.

If you are not using video in your current web design, it is time to change that. Reach out to your Huntsville web design expert and find out how much it would be to overhaul your site to include videos that will get, and keep, your audience’s attention!

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