Lead Capture Landing Pages

There are basically two types of landing pages: a lead capture (lead generation) page that includes a form and a click-through landing page that does not include a form. It is true that any web page that a visitor can land on can technically be referred to as a “landing page.” However, a landing page is most commonly referred to being a standalone web page that’s distinct from your main website and designed for a single-focused objective or call to action goal.

Click-through Landing Page

A click-through page is often used as the middleman between your ad and e-commerce shopping cart. Its purpose is to warm up visitors to your unique value proposition before sending them deeper into the marketing funnel. With a click-through page, you are targeting an ad to users who may be interested in what your web page has to offer and directing the prospect back to a specific landing page. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on lead capture or lead generation landing pages.

Lead Capture Landing Page

Lead capture landing pages are designed specifically for capturing personal information about a prospect such as their name, email address, phone number, etc., to then use to nurture that prospect down your marketing funnel at a later time. A lead capture page will include a form of some sort along with a clear and concise description of what the prospect gets in return for submitting their personal data. 

Example uses of lead capture landing pages and the items given might include a free ebook, a free trial, registration to attend an in-person event, access to an e-course or webinar, a free consultation for professional services, a free quote, a discount coupon, subscription to a newsletter, a contest entry, notification of future products/services, and so forth.

Value & Relevancy

The ability to get users to give you their personal information and to generate good leads rests on your ability to give away something that is of value and that is relevant to your target customers. For example, if you are a search engine optimization company and your goal is to attract new clients for your services, then a relevant giveaway might be to offer users a free (but limited) website SEO report or analysis that is sent back to the user via email. You as the SEO provider can then follow up with the prospect and offer optimization services that are relevant according to the report.

Personal Information

The length of your form and the level of personal data requested can have a direct impact on conversion of your call to action goal. That being said, ask for the minimum amount of information that will enable you to market to your prospects effectively. For example, don’t ask for the prospect’s phone number if you only need to contact them by email.

Mobile Responsive Layout

You also want to make sure that the layout of your landing page looks good on small devices as well as a desktop, considering the growing percentage of people using mobile devices to access web pages. Pages can look smashing on a desktop and end up looking warped or distorted on a mobile device. It goes without saying that if a visitor clicks through to your page and it is not mobile responsive, the chances for conversion on your unique proposition (no matter how clever) are minimal.   

The Takeaway

The key to a successful lead capture/lead generation landing page is twofold. First, your giveaway must be relevant to your target customer and second, the item must be attractive enough and hold enough value to warrant the exchange of personal information in return. You may also like to read the article “Comprehensive Landing Page Elements.”

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