mobile deviceEveryone knows that having a mobile website is huge in today’s market, and it has become a necessity if you want your business to be successful. If you recently went through and made the choice to get your website mobile ready, then make sure you include these elements in your site. With them, you are going to have better luck finding success than you ever would without them.

Having a Mobile Site

The first element that your customers are going to want is a mobile site, or a mobile version of your site. Without that, you are going to likely struggle with customers who want your services, but cannot find you on their smaller devices like their smartphones. You can have a dedicated site, or you can have a simpler version of your site, but you need something that caters to your mobile audience specifically.

Content for Your Mobile Customers

Everyone knows that content is one of the most important factors in the success of any website, but for a company that has a regular site and a mobile version, you need to make sure that your content works both ways. You need to have content put up on the mobile site, just as you would your standard website, and checks need to be done to ensure that the content looks right. If it comes up and words are not spaced right, you are not going to have very many return readers who want to try and muddle through the mess. Which is the reason we only recommend Responsive websites, after all, mobile devices come in many screen sizes.

Speed is Key with Mobile Sites

Smartphones are improving with each passing year, so make sure your mobile site can keep up. Old phones didn’t bring up websites very quickly, so if your site was slow, it was tolerated. However, phones of today bring up websites in a flash, so if you happen to have a slow website, you are going to have some potential customers get impatient and go elsewhere. Keep your site simple and fast in order to keep people interested. There are many online testing facilities that can be used to test how quick your site loads, among them are Pingdom and Google.

SEO Attention

A mobile site requires the same amount of optimization as does a desktop version including fresh content. Your work is doubles if you have a stand alone mobile site in whatever you do for the desktop you’ll have to do for the mobile site as well, the same holds true for any blog post  or news items. Its just double work anyway  you can look at it. We think the best solutions is to have a Responsive website. This way its more productive to work on the site and let it respond to whatever screen sizes your user like to use. At IG Webs we do not design anything but Responsive websites, its much more beneficial to our clients

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