Most Effective Digital Marketing Tools for the 21st Century

Aug 24, 2018 | 0 comments

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“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Joel Chernov

Digital marketing has become the new face of promotion and advertising and is evolving at an amazing pace. In a survey conducted recently, 76% marketers were of the view that marketing has evolved more in the past two years than it did in the last fifty. This is noteworthy considering the breadth of new tools and techniques that are introduced into the marketing world every now and then. Content, social media, emails, search engine optimization etc. are just some of the strategies that have taken the world by storm.

With the pace at which things are evolving, this post aims at rounding up some of the most effective techniques currently in use. It is important to note that while techniques can make a difference, the secret lies in the effective execution of these techniques. The definition of the term ‘effective execution’ varies depending on a number of factors. This is something that a business should focus on when selecting Huntsville website services.

1.    Content Marketing

One of the most important and preferred tools in digital marketing today is content marketing. 53% marketers consider content as their top inbound marketing strategy. Statistics from 2016 showed that 90% of companies were using it and the numbers have grown in the years that followed. Companies around the world have reported that they spend between 25% – 43% of their marketing budgets on content. All these figures point to the inescapable fact that content marketing reigns supreme amongst all kinds of marketing strategies.

WordPress is one of the tools that dominate the content and web design industries. It powers almost 26% of the entire web including some Fortune 500 companies. It offers immense support for content marketing and blogging techniques.

However, while content marketing is imperative, there have been so many iterations and evolutions in the field that only a few companies are getting it right. Despite the budget they spend, only 23% marketers have stated that they are producing effective content that is generating return on investment. This is mainly accredited to a lack of knowledge about the techniques and consistent strategies for creating content.

Content marketing is no longer limited to blogs although they still make up a vital component of the entire strategy. Vlogging and microblogging etc., are just a few techniques that have emerged in the field over recent years. This is because while people still read long written content (the average word count of articles that show up on the first page of Google is now close to 2500 words) they prefer to be provided the same information through visual content.

Informational or entertaining videos as well as images or infographics on social media websites like Instagram with a small caption providing the relevant information are considered more attractive by users.

2.    Search Engine Optimization

SEO is another important tool that holds an effective digital marketing strategy in place. 61% of marketers surveyed revealed that it was a top marketing priority for them. And this is essential because search is taking over as the medium that generates the greatest amount of traffic to a website. According to statistics search is 300% more effective than social media at bringing organic visitors to your website. Moreover, the returns are generous too. It is estimated that 18% of local searches lead to a sale within a day. This means that Huntsville SEO companies can play an important role in your strategy.

However, it all comes down to the implementation and execution of the SEO strategy. In a survey conducted amongst 500 small businesses, almost 51% had little or no knowledge about SEO. And even with the basic knowledge, 65% of marketers say that link building is the most difficult tactic to perform. This is because Google updates its search algorithms quite rapidly and with its latest version, the focus has shifted from keywords to finding more relevant content for users. Google tracks user reviews, back links and a load of other patterns to determine the content that users prefer the most and then displays it in descending order. Therefore, an effective SEO strategy lies around creating content that the users will love.

3.    Web design

Huntsville web design finds implementation in each category of digital marketing. There are components of Huntsville custom web design in content marketing, SEO, social media marketing etc. Web design is more than just designing the code behind a website; it is also about creating an aesthetic front end and user interface for the website and mobile application. All these factors contribute to enhanced user experiences because an attractive and optimized website or application is extremely influential in keeping them hooked for longer. This means that there are more chances for them to enter the sales pipeline and emerge as customers on the other side.

Marketers around the world are becoming aware of the fact that their chances of growing their business depends on the experiences that they provide to customers. Optimized performances, load speeds, ease of access and relevant content all come together to create this experience and web design is behind each of these. As a result, the business and its digital growth potential are closely related to the creativity and effectiveness of their web design.

While you can hire developers to design custom websites for you, WordPress is also a worthy option to consider. It is one of the most extensive platforms for website creation and content marketing. It also has an already established community which favors developing businesses a lot.


To close the discussion, we would like to lead with the fact that you can implement all the tools in digital marketing available today. From content to influencer marketing, from SEO to web design and beyond but if you can’t strike a balance between the techniques and their appropriate implementation, your business will not witness the relevant return on investment that is promised or you might be expecting from it. For more specific knowledge on ‘effective execution’ you can get in touch with a Huntsville website services company at the earliest.


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