We’ve been working long and hard on the website to offer some classy templates. It has not been easy and somethings have had to be on hold, I am sorry to say but Rome wasn’t built in one day!

The Template Store (update: sorry but we no longer offer templates) isn’t totally finished. It is still a work in progress but it is far enough along to get it on- line for everyone to check out. Here’s a link if you’re interested in that, just go to IG Webs and click the Template Store link, the one with a cute little shopping cart next to it!

We hope this won’t be just an exclusive IG Webs template store and that you all will also contribute, specially if you have any Word Press, Joomla or any other templates you want to display and sell. Just send us a zip file. Remember you need to include all the files needed for editing and be sure to include your personal data too so any proceeds can be sent to you.

So now back to work for more templates!!