Optimize Website for Small Businesses: 5 Proven Tips

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In this era, technology has an important role in every single aspect of our lives. Right now, especially in these days of lockdown and quarantine, we do almost all the things by tapping on mobile phones and clicking on websites. It is only natural if you want to start an online business and create a website for your small business. But, how to optimize a website for small businesses? Here, we are going to give you 5 proven tips that will help you start an SEO-optimized website for your small business and get more website traffic, more social media engagement, more online customers, and also brand advocates. So, keep reading.

Optimize Website for Small Businesses by Keeping Consistent

The key to success in everything you do in your life is to keep consistent and stay regular for whatever you do. This is also true about optimizing your website for small businesses.

If you want to get a great amount of traffic on your website, you have to share posts, ideas, products, and information on a regular basis. Here is how:

1- Post at the Best Time Possible to Optimize Website for Small Businesses

An important factor in optimizing your blog for a small business is to post at the best time possible. People in different parts of the world, check websites at different times. However, by tracking your traffic and using data you can change your strategy by posting when most of your users are online and hence maximize your blog traffic.

2- Do Not Over Optimize

Avoid over-optimizing! What does it mean? Well, as mentioned above, you have to keep consistent so while trying to share posts regularly, keep in mind that sharing too much content looks a bit spammy. Search Engines frown on that and may penalize your website. Instead, make your posts high quality. Here quality is more important than quantity. It doesn’t matter how often you post as long as you can consistently produce highly researched quality posts.

Choose Long Tail Keywords to Drive Traffic

If you want to get a great amount of traffic for your website, especially at the beginning, try to use long-tail keywords. But why should you target long-tail keywords? Though long tail keywords have less search volume but they have great conversion rate. Using them you can get more followers, customers, and even advocates. Use keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Google keyword planner or any other tool and mitigate the keyword selection process to optimize your website for small businesses.

longtail keywordsSource: https://backlinko.com/hub/seo/long-tail-keywords

Perform On-Page Optimization

If you want to optimize your website for small businesses and get a good amount of traffic in a short period of time, onpage optimization will take you a long way. Unquestionably, if you want your website to have a chance to appear on the top search results pages your pages have to be optimized. Pay attention to the following elements for every single page:

  • The title
  • URLs (should contain your keyword)
  • Meta description
  • And headings

Choose the Best e-Commerce Platform for your Small Business

Well, if you are planning to sell goods and services on your website, this is one of the most important parts. Definitely, you have to choose the right technology to provide a good experience to your customers. You have to select the best e-Commerce platform for you.

What is the best e-Commerce platform? Here, we recommend testing each one in the following list to see which one suits your objective best and provides the solution you need:

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • GoDaddy Online Store
  • Business Squarespace

Each platform has its own pros and cons in their approach and list of features so you have to decide which one provides the best solution for you.

Use Social Media to Optimize Website Traffic

using social media

Social media websites are great tools to be used for communicating with your audience, engage with them, their feedback or just  passing information. Additionally, they are amazing platforms for promoting your small business. Creating accounts on social media websites, there are many, is free but you have to register your account with each one. It is best to select a few where your customers will be.


A website is like a business card, you have to pass it around to get any good out of it. Social Media is the method to pass your website around, its a way to make known your business to a large existing base fairly quickly. Especially on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter which users can engage with different pages without having to follow.

To get more traffic and businesses, choose 2-3 social media websites and introduce your products, share tutorials, engage with your customers, and see what they need. Also, try to support your accounts on different social media websites by creating interconnecting links. For instance, add social media links to Instagram bio and invite people to join you on Twitter or Facebook to grow your reach.

Final Thoughts

Having a successful website take a lot of work and it takes time to build its reputation and create trust in its viewers. Certainly the tips provided here will help you to achieve your business goals and you gain more experience, it will not just become easier but it also will provide you with more knowledge and your own unique way of communicating with your customer base. Please let us know if you have discovered any tips in your business path or any feedback you wish to provide by using the comment box below.


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