Parallax Scrolling: 8 Tips from Huntsville Web Design

Feb 10, 2020 | 0 comments

Parallax scrolling is one website design trend that refuses to go away. Multiple background images move at different speeds as you scroll down the page. The technique creates a faux 3D-effect that results in pleasant browsing experience.

Web designers achieve parallax scrolling by having the background layer move at a slower rate than the foreground. Here Huntsville website design experts offer some tips on what to do –  and not do –  when applying the parallax effect to a website.

1. Add Parallax Effects

Parallax effects can be added to a website using a plugin or with CSS. The first method is easier that doesn’t require any coding. All you have to do is install a plugin such as the Advanced WordPress Backgrounds for your WordPress site.

Once the plugin is installed, you will need to edit the pages where you want to add this effect. It is recommended that you add this effect on web pages with long-form content. This could be your website homepage, landing page, or sales page.

The plugins will let you select the background image for the parallax effect. You should also check the ‘stretch option’ in the plugin option. Make sure that you select a large background image. This is important otherwise the image will appear pixelated when stretched.

Adding a CSS short code for the parallax effect is trickier. An experienced website designer can add short code to different pages. The benefit of using custom codes is that it gives you greater flexibility in customizing the effect.

2. Use Parallax Effect for Story Telling

Adding the parallax effect is a great way to tell stories to your online viewers. Also known as scrolytelling, parallax scrolling can be used for guided storytelling.

Tell the story by having the images appear at different speeds or create slide-in layers to add subtlety to the effect. Using parallax effects will draw users’ attention by creating a sense of progression guiding users from start to finish.

Reveal scrolling is a special parallax effect technique that can help create suspense for your viewers. It involves building curiosity and then revealing the solution at the right moment. The effect will draw users’ attention resulting in more dynamic and interactive user experience.

3. Keep the Main Objective in Mind

Remember that the aim of parallax scrolling is not to make your website look cool. The intent of adding the effect should be to improve the user browsing experience. It should help in disseminating information to the users, generating leads, and selling products.

Parallax effects should be used to increase the chances of your customers taking the desired action. The design should align with the overall objective of the website. You should not put style before content. Your priority should always be to highlight the content in the best manner possible.

4. Avoid Too Much Scrolling

Too much scrolling is off-putting for most people. Most people will become disinterested if scrolling down the page will take a lot of time. This is especially the case when the page contains a lot of information. So, you should know how much scrolling is too much.

A fixed long scroll configuration is recommended that keeps some content static while other scrolls. Another best practice is to shift to a new section as a user scrolls down the page.

5. Optimize for Page Speed

Adding the parallax effect should never be at the expense of page load speed. Page speed is one of the critical SEO factors. Slower page speeds due to adding many impact layers or animations can have a negative impact on user experience and subsequently page rankings.

Background and foreground image sizes should not be large. Consider compressing the images to improve page load performance. The smaller the files, the faster the page will load.

6. Go Beyond Parallax

Designers have great versatility when it comes to applying the parallax effect. The effect can be combined with other design elements to create a more impressive effect.

An example is the zoom-in-scroll that shifts the focus of viewers to a particular item on the screen. Incorporating a zoom-in scroll with the parallax scrolling effect will put the page into motion. The design is subtle and plays out gradually maintaining users’ attention.

Fade-in-scroll is another option that will create a fresh vibe when combined with parallax scrolling. The effect makes the images appear more colorful as the user scrolls down the page. This is another way to attract attention and interest of users.

7. Keep It Simple

The most important tip when it comes to parallax scrolling is to keep it simple. It can easily go from fun and appealing to irritating if you try to overdo it.

Overly complicated effects will result in negative user experience. Stay on course by keeping the website design simple and uncluttered.

The goal of adding the parallax effect should not be to amaze but to inspire. You should add the effect to inspire people to take action. Using the parallax effect, you should draw the attention of users towards the desired action. The aim of using the effect is to make it both effective and interactive.

8. Don’t Forget the CTA

Users expect something as they scroll to the end of the page. You should create a bold call-to-action (CTA) at the end that encourages users to take action. This is your opportunity to get the reader to commit to your product or services.

Creating a parallax effect for websites that creates a positive impression and remains interactive and engaging is not easy. Designers must use the right syntax for creating a parallax effect that works well and creates a good impression. The key is to find a balance between what is cool and what users will enjoy.

You should hire an experienced Huntsville website designer for your website. A professional website designer will incorporate features that will greatly improve the browsing experience of users. Paying a bit more for an experienced designer will be worth it since you will get a professional website that makes the best impression on online users.


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