Problems with Cookie Cutter Web Design

Jul 24, 2020 | website success | 0 comments

Updated from Sep 8, 2016

Having a website is a good start, but if you have a website that does not really offer your visitors anything unique or informative, you could end up doing your business more harm.

Why is that?

Unique content means its original, not duplicated from another website or publication. Search engines don’t like duplicated content and will penalize websites that do. It’s a hard road back from that sort of penalty. Not only that but search engines don’t index the duplicate content and your page will never show on search result pages.

You want your website to stand out so users arriving at your website know what business they have come to the second that your homepage opens up. Your page should respond to what the user was searching for or they will leave quickly. If your website looks and feels just like everyone else’s, then you need to figure out how to get your website to stand out.


cookie cutter web design


Cookie Cutter Web Design Leaves Your Website Falling Short

When you have a cookie cutter website, you basically have the same things to offer that everyone else in your industry does. Your site looks and feels identical to those other sites, plus, you may even be using some of the same content they have. This is a big problem, especially in terms of SEO. If you do not care where your website ranks, then you might consider it, but for most companies, how they rank in search result pages is important. Higher ranked websites allow those businesses to reach more customers, and it gives them the opportunity to offer information or solutions those customers are looking for.

The goal of a good web design is to provide a unique look and feel for the business it represents, and information for those who visit the site. Websites should be able to answer the questions that the visitors had before they came to the site. Not having much to offer leaves your website doing little more than taking up space and leaving your customers in need of a better place to go to find the information they want or need.

How to Achieve a Unique Web Design

If your business, products or services are unique, great. Your website will naturally be unique but if you are like most businesses who offer the same products or services being unique maybe a challenge. Consider the following:

  • Are you offering a new solution to an old problem?
  • Are you offering a faster process time?
  • Are you offering lower prices?
  • Are you offering higher quality?
  • Perhaps you are solving a logistic problem?
  • Perhaps a faster shipping method.

If any of the above applies to you, concentrate on it. If you can not find anything, at least have a different presentation of your services, products or business.

How to Repair a Cookie Cutter Website

If your website was a template with nearly identical information as another site or group of sites on the Internet, then you need to make your website unique. Not only should you hire a professional to make sure your website design is totally unique, but you should also make sure that all of the content on your website is unique as well. Make sure that you have considered what your users are looking for.

Look at your industry’s websites and see what options you see as commonplace among many or all of them. Those details should not be the same on your website if you are trying to avoid looking or feeling cookie cutter. If every website around you in your industry uses the same two or three colors, make sure to avoid those colors. If they all have the same pages on their menus, create new pages that can still provide the answers to the questions your users want.

Each part of your website gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. If you do not know how to go about creating the changes that you want to see, hire a Huntsville web design and SEO company to do it for you. Setting up a unique website now can give you an edge moving into the future, and it can help bring your business up to an entirely new level of success with your customers. Keep in mind what people would be coming to your website for, and help them find it in your pages content.


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