Colors are crucial in marketing. They go in branding a firm. Many huge firms today are recognized by their colors. Close your eyes and remember your favorite brand. I can bet you imagined the brand name with their color.

Websites and blogs are no exceptions. They literally represent your brand. In case, you do not have a firm to represent then your website becomes your brand. Designing them with specific colors can help in branding. Some people are receptive to particular colors and aversive to others. Therefore, prioritizing colors relating to intended audience will help gaining every element of lime light.
Now, let us look into the psychology of colors:
The color brown represents stability and all things organic. This particular color captivates the viewer and brings warmth. The very presence of this color will appeal universally creating instant brand awareness.
In nature, we hardly find purple. Therefore, purple relates, as that is artificial. Moreover, purple also resembles Royal blood. Watch historic movies and therein you will find the King and Queen in purple garments. Purple also goes to create mystery and the unknown.
Orange represents boldness and hence it is often used to draw attention. Since it is mixture of yellow and red, orange symbolizes warmth and love.  Generally, orange is not used as themes but in places to gain attention. Orange often supplements other colors.
This color is like double-edged sword. It represents merriness as well as sadness. It has been found from studies that yellow increases metabolism, infuriates anger and babies tend to cry often around yellow rooms. Yellow should be used sparingly. Too intense of this color can lead to eyestrain and hence you never find sites with yellow as background.
It is a stress reliever symbolizing wealth and fertility. Studies show that green color relaxes the eyes. It also represents nature and beauty. People working within green colored rooms tend to be more productive. Most financial brands and websites have themes built around this color.
The most favorite of all color is blue. Similar to green, blue is also productive in nature. It is used in weight loss plans as studies show the color blue is anti appetizing. It decreases pulse rate and hence the color is used to enhance sport performance.
Red is used to indicate strong emotions.  Most people represent red with love. Although true, red also represents anger, hatred and every other strong emotion. 
The shade gray symbolizes calmness and serenity. The color completes the picture. Just look at any brand, which uses gray. Had there not been gray, the image would have been incomplete. It also represents practical system.
White is a symbol of purity and peace. It also represents neutrality in some cases. On the negative side, the presence of white color implies emptiness. This is because we are accustomed to see things with variety of colors.
It is the color of authority. While buying a car the first choice of color is black. In the west, black is related with mourning but in the east, it is a fashionable color. In short, black is universal. The way we use it, depicts the picture.
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