Once upon a time and long ago there was no World Wide Web, companies had to rely upon TV, Radio, Newspapers and the Yellow Pages for marketing. When Tim Berners Lee dubbed the public parts of the Internet the World Wide Web and created protocols to govern its behavior.

  • HTML – hypertext mark up language is how web pages are displayed
  • HTTP – hypertext transfer protocall is the primary means for computers or the people using them to publish on the Web as well as search
  • URLS uniform resource locator is basically the address where web pages can be searched and found. In 1990 the first browser was created Ironically, the first browser was called the world wide web and also could find and edit web pages.

 Social Media To Succeed Online, Search Marketingin 1995, The Pure WWW was Taken Over by Marketers

Eventually services were created such as UseNet, Compu-Serve and even AOL, made finding things in an easier manner, as well as being able to see pictures online with Mosiac. These were the classic good ol’ days because in 1995 the pure WWW was taken over by marketers. Often called the Dot Com Boom, soon they re-named the dot com bomb! Only superior sites such as Amazon, e-Bay and Google survived the the total colapse of the dot com bubble.

Search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves all offered easy interfaces that allowed users to find just about anything. These were still pure at the time, but soon Pay Per Click marketing took over and allowed sites that didn’t rank well to get exposure. This was the bane of the Internet when honest organic sites would get rewarded for their rfforts, yet the ad only sites polluted the Web.

In the earlyn 90’s bulletin boards started up to give users a chance to communicate globally. In 2002 and 2003,  Friendster and MySpace were born and social media is the norm now with Twitter and Facebook. These social media outlets took the Web from the marketers back to users looking to communicate and share photos, videos, etc.

Today to be successful online, you must take notice of these social media outlets that put content directly in the hands of the users.

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