Things have changed since the changes made by Google shocked the whole internet community months ago. There seems to be one constant though and that is content. Not just any content but quality and appropriate content. After all this is the information age and it seems everyone is looking for information on just about anything, anything you want to think about or rather you know about.

However, not everyone can just sit down and write and that’s where my friends at “Get Found Now” come in. Chew on this quote they recently wrote: “Are we simply regurgitators of stimuli input from “out there” or is there an inner reservoir we can tap into that is authentic, genuine and unique?  I like to think that great blogging happens when we are both plugged into our authentic self AND dialed into the outer physical world.”

And if that wets your appetite for more and if you want to learn what SEO is about these days, or maybe even before all the algorithm changes, and if you want to learn what good content is about so you can help yourself or perhaps to help you locate someone who can help you or your website, then read the rest of it. That’s my advice to all those website owners wannabe SEO experts out there.