Web Services

Web Design

What type of website do you need? We start by understanding your requirements. That’s why our initial consultation, a free service, is so important to achieve the expected results. There are many approaches we can take. Do you need an informational website because you want an online presence so your customers can get to know you better, or do you need an ecommerce website because you want to sell your good or services on the internet even though you may have a brick and mortar business already, or are you an artist or photographer and you want your work presented in the best possible way to impress your prospective customers? Rest assured we do all of it, any of it to achieve your goals.


Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing content of a website for what people are searching for so the search engines would display it in their results pages to satisfy what their users. What their users are searching for are the keywords you want to rank for. Searching for the correct keywords is the primary objective before any content can be optimized for it. That’s how your content and therefore your website can be found. That is when your content and what people are looking for match up so yours can be selected and displayed for the user.

If you already have a website, we start by a free audit of your website to pinpoint the areas that need work or further work to get you where you want to go. And depending on the level of competition, we we can estimate how long it may take!

SEO Content Writing

Recently content has taken a new turn for ranking websites with the release of the new Google algorithm meant to weed out useless content from the search result pages. Many websites lost their ranking after its release in late August 2022. Now website content needs to be written for users in a way that explains the solution fully, covers the subject matter to high percent and be authoritative, in short to be helpful to searchers. Long is gone content written by AI, copied or poorly written which doesn’t cover the subject matter. SEO content writing must now  be written for users and not search engines.

Local Marketing

We can get your website listed on over 100 locations including Apple Maps, Microsoft Bing, Google Maps, Instagram and Yelp.Your listings on these websites will boost recognition, drive traffic, increase sales. Additionally you have your own page to manage the information that can be displayed on your listings. What is more you can edit or change any part of it at any time and it can be displayed almost immediately.

Website Management

If you are short on time or just plain too busy growing your business, the management of your website becomes a big chore and unmanaged your website can suffer in traffic and ranking. We can manage your site and provide you with updates, minor modifications, install security programs to keep it from getting hacked, post your articles in your blog and monitor your website so nothing happens to it. We provide this service to many of our clients and they have good things to say about us!

Graphic Design

We have designed catalogs, brochures, business cards and logos. If you are just starting your business or your website, we could start by designing a logo for you and go beyond that to your stationary, company brochure or even your catalog in a package or separately. Just let us know your needs and we’ll get started.

What You Need To Do

Call us or use our free quote form and let us provide you a quote and get started on your project. You’ll be glad you did.