There are many articles, blog posts and information about Google Webmaster tools. Tools that should help Webmaster refine their websites and get rid of any errors that may exist. Now Yahoo has introduced something similar yet different that provides help to Webmaster in a unique way. Yahoo has had this feature for a long time but recently they enhanced it and gave it a new look. Its pretty slick! Here’s how it works. Go to Site Explorer and do a search for your website. Most likely you will need to get it authenticated, the usual ways, so you can get more data for your site. Here’s the neat part, I think. Once your site has been authenticated, you can click of the links tab to review all that link to you. This is really slick. Far different and maybe more interesting than Google’s.

There are other features like dynamic URLs and any feeds you may have for your site and of course, you can always place an ad there too! Not surprised are you?