Social Networking Today

Many personal social networks are now at a loss today because people are losing the opportunity to ‘read’ body language.

Social skills on-line tend to often be restricted to 140 characters per message and so are comprised of either bad spelling or the creation of an updated English language. Is this ability to read body language an excellent or not for relationships?

Personally, I don’t believe that it is great for society as a whole because a lot of our communication is performed or formed from nonverbal communication when found in association with the spoken word. People commonly hear (or read) words phrased inside a certain way in which can often be not just what the person speaking or writing them actually means. And when abbreviations are needed as with using any one of the latest web 2 . sites, the important meaning of what a person is telling gets lost by having to become too brief.

When this brevity of words is combined with lack of body language, madness is either lost or never put there in the first place. So folks are now losing the ability to say the things they mean and I don’t think this is an excellent thing for the society.

We live in age of communications where we are actually communicating more and saying less.

When you combine this deficiency of skill to be able to enumerate our meaning with lack of nonverbal communication to back up the words we are using to express what we mean, is really a death knell for good communication skills. Without having to be capable of communicate adequately with other sites, it’s small wonder that today’s society is suffering a great number of relationship breakdowns.

These relationship breakdowns are happening in our business world, within our personal relationships and in our family relationships.

Business world: In the business world, when business relationships break-down, it usually costs a number of of the partners lots of money, angst and time. Almost every successful business partnership there are three that fail. In my book, if I was a betting person that is not good odds and even worse is many of them could have been either avoided or negotiated out of if only people had better communication skills.

In our Personal Relationships: How many friends part company because something has been said and someone takes it the wrong manner? This is 99.9% of the time as to why people break-up who had been friends for 25 years. Now if everyone took a pace back and searched for the body language that accompanied those words, they might manage to clearly notice that no bad intention was meant or implied. So how can anyone phrase that in 140 characters?

Family Relationships: The high divorce rate in western countries today may be blamed on poor communication skills. If a friend isn’t capable of read body language, then living in a close family environment will have to be near impossible. So, families splitup and go on to repeat the scenario yet again when they remarry. Until all of us learn better online and physical communication skills it seems apparent that we’re doomed to repeat our problems ad infinitum.

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