Does social seo factors influences your natural search results position? Of course, if, in which way and the way strong?

Truth is, social media does affect your search engine position, set up most services are utilizing nofollow tagged links, can there be still a minimum link juice transferred. Beside this tiny effect, Google and in addition Bing are employing several Social networking factors to ascertain your Search engine position. All these factors use a little influence on your search engine performance, I guess I heard something about 7%, but this isn´t for certain.

Below you discover a collection of the most important Social ranking factors used by Google, Bing and Yahoo :

1. Amount of Followers / Fans / Subscribers

While you will know should you have your own Twitter profile dedicated to your business. The greater influence your Twitter account haves on Twitter, the greater people are following you, the more authority is transferred though your Profile link within the eyes of Google.

2. Popularity of your Followers and Friends (Twitter)

The recognition of the people following Tweets also haves a influence. The more popular people following you, the better will Google weight your site..

3. Relevancy (Twitter)

Another point out keep in mind is that related Twitter user provides more benefits aimed at your website than completely unrelated Twitter followers or Facebook fans.. Someone in your industry retweeting your Tweets is more valuable than anyone unrelated in your niche or market.

4. Amount of Retweets / Likes (Twitter)

How frequently are other people sharing, retweeting or liking your articles? More follower will basically cause more retweets, but here is the ratio between Tweets and retweets the important factor, this also applies for Likes and Dislikes (YouTube).

5. Amount of Fans

It´s recommended to create your own personal Facebook profile for the Business or Company, just like your Twitter account. Much like with your Twitter profile are certain to get your url more appeal the more Fans and likes you get on Facebook. So each url pointing to your website will transfer more link juice the more people are liking your stuff on Facebook!

6. Facebook Comments

It´s vital that you get your people to interact with your Fanpage. Merely a high amount of likes doesn´t look natural and could get your account banned.. Try to interact with your fans and visitors, ask questions or run contests for instance!. The most successful Fanpages got lots of user generated content.

7. Youtube Video Views

If you post content to Youtube, be sure to include a link pointing to your website inside the videos description! More video views will add more value for your websites link!.

8. Video Commenting

Start commenting on popular videos, invite friends on Youtube, and engage others. The more comments you are making, the more links are going to your profile, the more valuable is your websites link inside the exes of Google!.

9. Your Video And Channel Title and Description

Ensure to apply the same onpage seo basics for your YouTube video just like you hopefully achieved it for your website. A minimum of ensure to apply your target keyword inside your Title, your description and your video tags. This will not only help yor video to get traffic, it also will be more valuable in terms of seo to your site.

10. The Ratio between Likes and Dislikes (YouTube)

Well, The more people are liking your videos in terms of people don´t liking your posts, the better! Easy stuff!

11. Positive and Negative Mentions

Track your social seo performance though an instrument like Radian . Ensure to possess much more positive mentions than negative. Google is already working and buying this field, so it´s well worth tracking. You can use a tool like Radian 6 for instance!

12. General Social Publicity

Your website’s popularity across all the major social networks. This factor shows that your content is important and valuable to just about all people, and not only to users of specific platforms, services or interests. Its smart to use a tool like How Sociable to follow your performance in this field.

Advanced SEO is a steadily changing field, so don´t take this as absolutum! Fact is Social Media gets more and more popular as well as important in the world wide web. So Google won´t make the mistake to exclude it entirely from their algorithm.

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