As a Webmaster, I am sure you have used scripts or snippets or have searched for tutorials when you might have got stuck during a design phase, we all have from time to time. Like everyone else, I have a list of sites where I can get help when I need it but sometimes its difficult to find that specific thing you are looking for. You have probably tried some of the tutorials unsuccessfully or tried a script that didn’t quite measure up to what you expected and you’ve gone back and struggled through it yourself and finally made it but it cost you time and maybe even delayed the delivery of your project. Don’t feel bad, there’s not a single Webmaster out there who has the expertise for all the programming languages and situations you can run into. I have a folder on my desktop called “webmaster tools” for just such occasions. Surprised? I bet you are!

Going through that folder the other day I found a site I had not visited in a while. Its a great site for Dreamweaver extensions, tutorials, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and more. Now a lot of people use Dreamweaver, its a very popular program, but extensions really expand the capabilities of this great tool and this site has some of the best extensions you may want to have, from captcha to cookies. I really think every Webmaster should have a link to it for those special times I was talking about. The site is called Tecnorama and if you have never heard of it, you need to visit it and be pleasantly surprised. I believe the site is managed by a Dreamweaver user’s group in Spain lead by a great programmer. Every script works without flaw and are the type you would use everyday to speed up your design process. Of course some of the titles and descriptions are in Spanish but there’s a translate link that can help!