Success of a business, profit margin, growth of a company all boils down to good marketing. What is the point in offering quality products and services when it doesn’t reach the targeted audience? Advertising plays a vital role in getting the reach. There are different mediums for advertising: print, television, radio and joining the list is Internet. Internet is not only the recent addition, but also the most popular medium at present. Internet users are increasing every day, designing a good website have become really important.  

Websites should not only be informative, but also attractive. Certain websites are designed so boringly that it puts you off the minute you open it. A good website is not only influenced by design, but also various other features. The common mistakes people make while designing websites are:
1. Too much content:
This is the most common website layout mistake. Many people think the more information on the website, the more useful for the user. Features and uses are explained in detail for pages! Truth is a user will not want to spend too much time with detailed reading. He’ll just skim through the website to see if he can find any relevant information. If he can’t, he will go to the next website. Keep the content crisp and short. Enlist the features or uses in bullets or give sub-titles. This makes reading simpler.
2. Long pages:
Avoid long scrolling pages. Having everything in a single page is going to confuse a user. He will not scroll down when the page is too long. Sub-divide each category and have sub-pages in your website. User can simply click on the relevant category and find information.
3. Obsolete information:
There is nothing worse than providing outdated information on your website: a seasonal sale that has ended, outdated product or package that is no longer available. When designing a website, keep a tab on the date sensitive pages.  Regularly update such pages or delete them after the time period.
4. Using Flash and animation:
Flash achieves two goals: artistry and visual treat. However, if you want the website to get potential customers, using flash all over your website is not a wise idea. Search engines are not very compatible with Flash. As a result, your website may not rank well in Search Engine Optimization. A user wishes to find information quickly and efficiently. Flash design or animation will hinder the search flow as it takes time to load unless it is used sparingly for emphasis. 
5. Advertising or pop-up windows:
Never load ad banners or any pop-ups on your website unless your profit is through advertisements. You create a website to promote your business or service and not make profit for other companies. You might earn a few dollars on these ads, but your profit margin will be more if you get an extra client or two. Placing an ad near your content is going reduce the value of your website to a user. 
6. Contrasting colors:
Blue is soothing, orange is refreshing, yellow is bright and punkish. Yes, I agree contrasting colors are great but a wrong combination for website. A website should be readable and user should not strain to read the content. Know to play around with colors. If you want bright background, the font color should be dark and readable. 
7. Complicated navigation:
The biggest error with website deigning is changing the navigation from one page to the other. You website should offer a straight forward solution to the user’s questions. When the navigation is inconsistent, it might irritate the user and he will leave the page. Have consistent navigation for your website.
8. Forced video and audio:
Having video or audio on your website is cutting-edge marketing. A video will explain product better and quicker. However, don’t force video or audio on a user. Give him a choice to listen or watch. There are users who don’t have speedy Internet and prefer to read rather than wait for the video to buffer.
9. Frames for page layout:
A web designer finds it easy to use frames for website. Though it might be advantageous to a designer, it is disadvantageous to user. Huge problem with frames is the back button is unpredictable. User will not be able to mark a page and get back to it, he will be returned to different version of the frameset.
10. Relevant design:
The most common mistake I have seen is irrelevant design. In the name of aesthetics, many website designs don’t match the product or service. Another mistake is cluttering the site with too many designs and photos. You need to make your site attractive, but don’t overwhelm it with design and take the attention away from the message.
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