The homepage is a very crucial element of your website. It is what gives visitors the first impression about your business or company. It is therefore important that the homepage offers a clear and concise summary of your website to give visitors a reason to explore the site further.

The following are some of the steps you can take to make your homepage design more effective.
  1. Use a brief and catchy tagline
    Write a short tagline for your site’s homepage which offers details about your business or company. By reading the tagline on your homepage, people should be able to understand what your business or site is all about. A good tagline will grab the attention of your audience and cause them to want to know more.
  2. Create a good title tag
    Your homepage’s title tag should comprise of your company or business name, as well as a short description of the site. Avoid using useless words which don’t add any value. Instead, you should make sure that the title tag includes relevant keywords.
  3. Cluster all corporate/business details
    Most website visitors are usually not interested in reading about the company or business. However, there are those who would like to know more about you before choosing to do business with you. It is therefore very important to include information about your business or company on your site. Make sure you have an ‘About Us’ page and link to it from your homepage.
  4. Focus on the core objective of the site
    Your homepage should be a guide to help visitors navigate through your website. It needs to offer clear directions to enable people to find whatever information they require. Make sure your homepage includes clearly visible links to all the important pages of your site.
  5. Include a search box
    Every website needs to have a search box. Most web users are very impatient and would appreciate anything that makes their search easier. Search boxes help people find whatever they are looking for without having to browse through the pages. By simply typing in a query, visitors can find the precise information they need.

  6. Provide snapshots of your site’s content
    The homepage is an ideal place for giving a preview of your site’s content so as to encourage people to explore the site further. Use the page to display snapshots of your most recent or most important content. If visitors find the topics interesting, they will click on the links provided to read further. 
  7. Use effective design elements
    A site’s homepage needs to be catchy so as to grab the attention of visitors. However, you need to avoid using design elements such as flash animations which offer no real value. Due to their large file size, such design elements only make the page load more slowly. 


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