The webpage that your site shows is the first reflection of you and your product to a visitor. As a marketer, you should do everything in your capacity to ensure the visitor stays at the site and explores it because that can translate into sales for you.
Think of it as any physical store. What attracts you to any store is the way products are arranged at the window space, the décor of the shop, the design and layout of its interiors. Your webpage is much like that. You should think of every area within your site as a potential for attracting and keeping customers within the internet area, and to ensure they return there regularly. For that you need as effective a web design as you can have. Here are a few tips to get started.
  • Stick to what your product is about: Too often, when people are designing their sites they get too carried away and forget the goal they had started out with. It’s great to be creative but not at the cost of spreading yourself too thin and forgetting what you have to really focus on. You don’t want to confuse your customer; instead you want him to make a connection between the product and your service (for example, when you think online search, Google comes to mind. Google has thus entrenched itself as being synonymous with searches.) So make sure the message that you want to send across as a brand is clear and obvious.
  • Go easy on the design: This means making sure that the website is easy to navigate through and that all buttons make it clear where they lead to. Of course, it is always a good idea to customize your buttons for your product or service (for example: if you are selling books, you can call your readers forum as Book Club) and make it unique to your service. But you don’t want to confuse the customers and want them to click on too many options before they find the one they’re looking for. Make it easy for them, not challenging.
  • Graphics and text boxes: When using graphics such as videos, animated photographs, music etc be aware that not everyone is comfortable with all this. Sometimes these extra features can irritate people, so keep such extra attempts short and cute. Don’t put them on every page. And find the right font for the texts. Not everyone can read very small, very thin font. It is a good idea to remember that your page could be viewed over mobile phones so create an alternate page or keep the flashy stuff to a bare minimum.
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