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Having an outdated website can be a really big problem. It can make it appear to your visitors that you are not current with the trends, and that your knowledge may also be out of date. However, it may not always be easy for you, as a business owner, to tell if your website is outdated. Here are a few signs that your website needs a makeover. If you notice one, or a few of these signs, you need to speak with a Huntsville web design professional for help.

Does Your Website Have Any of These Markers That Are Out of Date?

Visit Counter

Your website still tracks how many visitors it has had, on the page where your visitors can see it. This is definitely a sign that your website is out of date. If you want to help your website look a bit more modern, this has to go.

Your Logo

Your website does not have a professional logo. This may work for a new business, but it will not last long-term for an established company’s website. In order to look professional, make sure that your business’ website has a polished look to it as well. It does not cost much to get a professional logo made, so it is a worthwhile investment if you have not done so before now.

White Space

You have far too much white space on your website. There is something to be said for open spaces on your website, but if you have blocks of white space that are far too large, it can make your website look as though it was done by a novice a long time ago.


The pictures on your website are outdated and do not look like you or your staff any longer. It is important to give your customers an idea of who they will be working with. If your staff has changed significantly, make sure you update the photographs to be current. Losing one person is not a big deal, but only having half of your current staff accurately photographed can definitely make your website look and feel outdated to your customers.

Visitor Reduction

Your visitors went down significantly in the last year or two. One sure sign of an outdated website is people are no longer interested in coming to see it. If your visitor numbers are significantly decreasing, it is time to give people something new to come and look at.

Color Scheme

Your website’s color scheme is rainbow or neon. If your website has a huge array of colors or is done in neon colors, you may want to consider doing a redesign. Neon or rainbow accents are fine, but they should not be your main colors. Consider a color scheme of 2-4 colors at most, since that is all that most people’s eyes will tolerate most of the time.

Flash Content

When people open up your website, they see flashing banners and sliders. Older websites utilized a lot of flashing elements. Newer websites stopped using these elements a couple of years ago. If your website still uses flashing banners, ads, or sliders, it is time to update that website of yours.

Mobile Unfriendly

If your mobile website is just a much smaller version of your desktop, your website is not mobile friendly. Its hard to read the content, you may have to use your fingers to enlarge it, the buttons are hard to press because they are too small and the links are just impossible to click on (tap on) and over all a bad user experience, its time for an update.

Getting a Huntsville web design professional involved can help you get the website you hoped for. They know what elements are great for modern, functional websites. Plus, they know what customers look for when they open up new websites. Contact us here at IG Webs if you want your old, outdated website to look new again, and to bring interest back to your website in no time.

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