Some of you might have noticed this blog was off the air for about  1.5 days and might have even wondered why! Believe me it wasn’t by intention or design. In my trying to re-arrange things a bit, I must have done something real bad wrong and wiped out the whole thing. Yes the whole thing. Luckily WordPress puts about everything in a database. The database was intact and all  the files were on my hard drive so I thought hey, I could just upload everything and get going again. No way. Something was scrubbed pretty bad. I could not get anything, no log in, no admin, no posts, nothing. Needless to say I was pretty upset. Of course you can tell things turned out OK since you’re reading this post! But it was a trying time and plenty nerve racking. Since I had a back up of the database, I thought I would just do a fresh install then import the database and all will be OK. But instead of the old version 2.51, I elected to go with the new 2.6.  I thought what the heck, the blog was  gone anyway so I had nothing to loose. This process, which went pretty smoothly, but took  some time to complete, is a pretty good way to upgrade! I had heard some pretty bad stories about upgrading to 2.6 and the forum is full of problems everyone seems to be experiencing. I got to tell you, this is the way to do it. Here’s what I did:

1. I re-installed a fresh copy of WordPress 2.6 locally. I still had a copy of the version 2.5 under a different file name.

2. I imported the old tables to the database on my local Apache server.

3. I copy and pasted the theme I was using before, the old one, into the new install theme directory.

4. I did the usual things you have to with a new install like modifying the wp-config.php file. I also changed the blog URL in the database table wp_option to my local server. Be careful here, WordPress holds that information in two different places, the site url and the home columns. You have to change both.

5. Once this was completed, I tested the blog locally using the Apache server. Low and behold everything came up running beautifully. Everything as you see here.

6. Then I uploaded the whole thing to my website. I did have to make sure wp-config.php and the database tables were modified back for the website instead of the local server.

So I got my blog back and updated to 2.6 to boot. I thought this was a lot safer than just upgrading, seems like I had less problems than most out there if I’m reading the forum posts right! Something to think about if you plan on upgrading yours. Oh yes, all the plugins were wiped out with the fresh install so I installed the plugins one at a time from the original files without a hitch.