Use of Color Psychology in Website Design

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Creating a positive online user experience is important for a business’s success. Take it from website design Huntsville, AL you must focus on making your website attractive for the online audience. And one of the most important elements that can make or break your website is the use of appropriate colors.

Studies have shown that most people make up their minds within 90 seconds of the first interaction. Most users make up the assessment based on the colors.

The correct use of colors will not only make your website attractive, but it will also serve as a differentiating factor. These colors can positively (or negatively) affect the buying decision of online users. Nearly 85% of online shoppers say that colors influenced their buying decision.

So, how can you make your website shine using the correct color? Here are some tips from Huntsville custom web design experts to make the best use of colors to increase the appeal of your website.

Color Psychology: What You Need to Know

You must use the right colors that grab the attention of the users. The colors should trigger positive emotions. This will help in increasing the conversion ratio of your website. You need to use the right colors for every element of the website design, including the:

  • Call-for-action buttons
  • Headlines
  • Borders
  • Pop-ups
  • Website ad banners
  • Images

Colors can invoke strong emotions and influence the actions of users.  Studying the psychology of color is important so that you know how to maximize the appeal of your website.

The concept that colors affect psychology is not new.

The Ancient Greeks believed that colors affected the human psyche at the subconscious level. Current studies have also found that colors can bring a change in the attitude of individuals. Various studies have proved a relationship between colors and buying decisions.

Let’s take a look at some common color and the associated emotions that they invoke in individuals.

  • Blue – Blue is the color theme of Facebook. This color evokes the feeling of openness and trustworthiness.
  • Green – Green represents productivity and wealth. This is the color scheme of QuickSprout. The color scheme also evokes a feeling of natural landscape, which is why sites such as Sprouts and Treehugger use this color scheme.
  • Red – Red color theme represents vitality, energy, and confidence. CNN uses this color scheme to alert users of breaking news. According to the Search Engine Journal, the color red evokes a strong feeling and conveys intensity and passion. So you should use this color in your website’s call-to-action button.
  • Pink – Pink colors evoke a feminine feeling of softness. That’s why the color scheme is used by Victoria’s Secret.
  • White – The color scheme creates a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. That’s why it’s the preferred color of hospitals and clinics. You can use this color to convey transparency and simplicity.
  • Yellow – Yellow color can make your website stand out from other page elements. This color creates a feeling of cheerfulness, optimism, and creativity.
  • Black – The color black creates a feeling of luxury and exquisiteness. You should use this color scheme if you deal with luxury items. The luxury brands such as Barney New York and Frette uses this color scheme to evoke a feeling of affluence and luxury.

Barneys New York

How to Select the Right Color for Your Website?

You must consider the company’s product offering before selecting a color theme for your website. For instance, the color green is best for companies selling organic, fresh food. This color is also appropriate for financial firms as people associate green color with the dollar. Color black may be great for a luxury retailer, but it’s not suitable for a funeral planning company.

Apart from color, you should also consider the location of your target market. For instance, in Asia, the color white is associated with death and mourning. In contrast, the color black is associated with death in North American and European countries. For Brazilians, the color purple is associated with loss and bereavement.

In East Asia, the color blue is associated with malicious and evil behavior, while the same color evokes a feeling of security and trust in North America. People in most Middle Eastern countries consider green to be a pure color that evokes a feeling of trust and hope, while most North Americans view white to be pure color.

How Color Contrast and Brightness Affect Online Users?

Apart from color hues, brightness and contrast also have a major influence in making your website appealing for the online users. The color brightness depends on your main target market. Generally, men prefer bright colors while women prefer soft colors. Kids also are attracted by bright colors since it seems exciting to them.

Another factor that you should consider is the color contrast. Make sure that the color of the image contrasts with the text. Your online user won’t appreciate struggling to read the text on the call-to-action button. If you create menus and buttons with poor contrast, it will put off the online users.

Colors you can use for menus and call-to-action buttons include yellow, orange, red, and blue. Using these colors will make it easy for readers to read the text. A case study by Moz showed that changing the call-to-action button to yellow had resulted in an increase in conversion rates of about 187.4 percent!


Colors can have a huge impact on online traffic and conversions. Ask your custom Alabama website design builder to carry out A/B testing to find out which color appeals the most to your online audience. You should consider the target market before selecting a color theme.

Selecting a color theme for a website is not that simple. You need to carefully consider this option before committing to a color theme. You should consider the industry and culture of the target market when selecting a website color theme. The time spent searching effective color schemes will be worth it in the end as it can result in high online traffic and conversions.


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