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Your website maintenance is an important step in the technology riddled internet world. The programs that make up your website are ever changing, improving with more features and security advances. These important changes must be updated into your website to take advantage of the improvement. Most website owners do this task in a hap hazard way and wonder why their website gets hacked. The changes are frequent enough to need weekly and monthly checks and updates.


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Outdated programs, plugins, themes, etc. effect your website performance and subsequently your Search Engine Ranking and loss of customers.


By maintaining your website not only you keep it secure but also avoid having any major problems or even the loss of your website.



Keeping everything up to date and with additional installed security program we can help your website from being compremised or hacked.


Every update or program replacement carries its own risk of things going wrong. While the updates are critical it is important to safeguard against problems.


As part of this package all your minor changes are included. Yes we make any minor change such as replacing images or changing textual content free of charge.

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The best time to get started is now since you have been reading about the advantages of maintaining your website so it can serve you for a long time



People Also Ask:

Question: How much does a website cost per month?

Answer: It actually varies depending on the platform used. For most websites it is from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. It could range from $15 per month for a self hosted and self maintained website to $200 for 100% managed website including hosting and maintenance.

Question: What services do web designers offer?

Answer: Web Services vary depending on the web designer. It could include:

      1. Hosting
      2. Backup and updates
      3. SEO blog posts
      4. Website modifications and additions
      5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      6. Other services like local marketing or PPC campaigns
      7. Graphic design
      8. Anything else to do with internet!


Question: How does a web designer price his jobs?
Answer: The pricing is based on two factors, time and experience.Time is how long does it take to complete the task and experience is the quality of the finished project. The higher quality and the longer it takes to complete spells higher price.